What Zodiac sign are you, and what Zodiac signs annoy you?


This thread is meant for people who really believe in the whole zodiac thing. Just curious to know what zodiac sign you are and what other signs annoy you. Post away if youre interested!

DISCLAIMER: Anyone who preaches againest astrology or is againest it, just stfu and keep your shit to yourself its not needed here nor is it helping answer the question.

another thing-if astrology is true then earth signs and water signs will be annoyed by fire and air signs, and vice versa


Aquarian Horse (Western/Chinese Astrology). A lot of stuff about my signs make sense to me that is about me.

EDIT: I forgot I was born on a cusp too, Aquarius/Pisces.


Gemini. The sign of the twins. Which means there’s two of me in one body. Which means I’m schizo.

And fuck Pisces. Fishy mother fuckers.

Edit: I’m a dog as far as the Chinese zodiac is concerned. But I’m not Chinese, so there.


Western: Capricorn

Chinese: Tiger





Dungeons and dragons for girls.

I know this crazy psycho bitch, she seriously looks like an alien. I think she really came from outer space considering how fucking spacey she was. Anyway, first time she met me she asked me my sign. I said Gemini and she made some bullshit remark like “Oh that’s why you’re always like rah rah rah rah rah all the time.” I really wanted to slap her

Anyway, yeah I’m a gemini and my chinese zodiac is a snake. As far as I know it’s only a reason to get more tattoos. I was thinking two really hot brown bitches topless from the half-boob up with SoCal “Gemini” below. I’m not so sure about getting a snake tattooed on myself though.


pisces, I think my symbol sucks. 2 fish, weak ass shit compared to a lion or even the sea goat.


im on a cusp


chinese zodiac: water rat

power level: 97.528.239.000


I am nothing like an Aries is suppose to be.

My daily scopes are never even remotely accurate.


Im a Leo / Horse

So yeah im king of the jungle w/ big dick!


Libra, and for some ridiculous ass reason a lot of the shit that coincides with Libra’s also applies to me. Strange stuff.


I’m a Virgo. Born nitpicker.

Also a Fire Rabbit. Forgot what personality traits it’s associated to though.

EDIT: I don’t believe in it though, I just find them fun.


I’m a cancer, but I never looked into the whole horoscope thing. Maybe when i read up on it, it may be accurate. Who knows. My mom is a scorpio and she collects all this scorpion stuff.


Aries - Wood Rat


Pisces / Dragon

Nothing with a zodiac sign annoying me o_O… though strangely enough, the people I get along with most almost always seem to be Aries.


Sagittarius / Dog

Fun times.


I’m born on a cusp date (November 22nd). So, I’m Sagittarius/Scorpio. X_X


I’m a Cancer / Ox.


Whichever sign you are, I’m probably annoyed by it.


I’m a Scorpio/Dragon.

I got a tail, yo!