What Zodiac sign are you, and what Zodiac signs annoy you?


Wow, that’s strange. You see, the people I usually don’t get along with (from my experience anyway) are Pisces. No offence to you of course…



Agreed. I don’t know why, but I really don’t get along with Pisces.

I get along with Cancers, Geminis, Aries. Gemini’s especially and I read somewhere that Libras balance out the Gemini’s two celestial beings.


Im on the cusp of Gemini/Cancer, but I am more of a Cancer I would say.

Im a Water Dog in the Eastern version, which after reading it, is kinda sorta accurate.


For better or worse, Libra.
I get along, probably best, with other Libras; that I can recall at least.
But, I’m introverted. So I’m not exactly the life of a party when there are strangers around.

I don’t know if there’s a sign encompassing all people born under it to have me hate it in it’s entirety.

I’ve known a dramatic Cancer or two that I’d keep distance from.

Which is weird, because I’m fine around Scorpio and neutral with Pisces.
At least in handling business affairs.

A few bad apples in every barrel, ain’t it?

Don’t know that I can remember anyone who was a fire sign.
I’ve probably met them. But I’m awful learning names–and birth dates aren’t usually a question I’ll ask off the bat to someone.
Not that I can fully remember the order anyway.
And I’m not about to start carrying a Zodiac cheat-sheet.


Solar: Cancer
Lunar: Scorpio


im aquarius…but i dont believe this fake shit tho :confused:


My sign is Cancer, apparently, and if astrology were actually a legitimate science that could prove its ridiculous claims I might state what “zodiac signs annoy me.” Maybe ones who make disclaimers asking skeptics to shut the fuck up when the skeptics are totally and completely right.

Dr. B is all signs at once, and is annoyed by all signs, and paradoxically is not annoyed by himself.


I’m a Scorpio, and all I know is that Scorpio’s are very affectionate and horny. Both fit me perfectly. Unlike MagnetiX, I don’t have a tail but I do sting the wife with da’ cack!

And the only signs I don’t mix well with are female Leo’s. But as for all that other astrology bullshit, that’s just what it is - bullshit.


I’ve always wanted to run a test where I take horoscopes and change the signs associated with that horoscope to see if the people reading it still think that horoscope applies to their lives.

1.Capricorn reads horoscope labeled "Capricorn"
2.Capricorn doesn’t know the horoscope label was changed and really meant for a "Leo"
3.Capricorn believes the horoscope is directly related to what’s going on in his/her life and follows it accordingly.
4.I just smirk and shake my head as this is going on.


On the cusp of Cancer/Leo. Think I’m more Cancery if you believe in such things.

As far as Chinese/asian zodiac… Boar. So I’m a crabby Lion Boar. >_>


I’ve always wanted to run a test where I take the astrology column out of the newspaper and replace it with an astronomy column, to see if people actually do like bullshit space stuff more than they like space stuff that’s not made up.


truer words were never spoken

i’m a sag/rooster


Cancer/Wood Rat.

I act way more like a Libra than anything though.

Earth Signs annoy me than any other. =|



hmm, not sure if its a sign thing but the few libra ppl ive met tend to annoy me


It would be.
180 degrees difference in the two signs.
Could be a good or bad thing though.

Chalk one more libran annoyance to the board, I guess?

I need a new hobby…
I wonder if it’s too late for that six week course to learn to drive old trucks carrying nitro glicerin over rickety bridges in South America.


Taurus/Wood Ox. Maybe that explains my short temper and my stubborness. :wonder:

I seem to bond really well with Virgos and Capricorns (especially the former), though I can get along with most people just fine.


The only good thing that came out of zodiac signs is the Chinese Zodiac themed Rbk Pumps. Otherwise, every zodiac sign annoys me since its arbitrary nonsense.


I’m a libra/dragon. I love it!

I have trouble getting along with aries, but that’s because they’re confrontational and libra’s aren’t down with the whole conflict thing.


Sagitarus-Tiger. Funny because Sagitarus describes me perfectly…


Taurus. I don’t buy into it too much but I do believe the characteristics. In fact, I think Taurus is the worst sign you can ever be born under.