Whatcha think of this avatar?

I feel it needs more, or less…lemme know what you think…

Green Lantern Avatar

Too much empty space? maybe add some effect or brushing…

bigger picture would also help

the pic shouldnt be so resize like that. i cant see what he’s doing or can tell if he’s doing anything at all. post the original pic for me plz.

@ -L-
the av you made for tone! has got to be the illest av you’ve made to date. that bg is fuckin’ lovely.


Bigger Hal pic, bigger Lantern Logo, darker background.

The pic I used was “Showcase 22”

which is the first appearance of Hal…

google it, I can’t seem to find a link that will work when embedded

I’m not diggin’ that puke-ish green border, but I see you’re going for that color on his suit & there seems to be some negative space toward the middle & the right.

How’s this one?

^ I like that one way better.

Looks better. I’ll try lowering your name a little more and put the GL logo on top of it.

Well, I eliminated the logo, because he’s facing the viewer, and thus, there’s no doubt who it is…

and I kinda like the name where it is…if I move it, theres’ too much open space in the upper left area

Good point.

I like it.

Hey, if Specs likes it, I can’t get much higher praise than that!

okay, next round (I don’t plan on changing it anytime soon, but when I do, I’m thinking this one’ll be it…)

which do you like best?


Background Transparent


Justice Logo


Classic Logo

3rd one, definitely.

You can also try using a whitier font color on the 2nd one.

yeah i agree, 3rd one does look best