Whatchu guys think about Thursday? hella gatherings

Are peeps down for gaming at my place on Thursday? Looking for some feedback. Y’all know I ain’t got shit to do, so there’s no time restraints. Just wondering if people are available that day. I might kick people out earlier than I normally do, but I always think that, but am subsequently too stoned and having too much fun to end it since nobody wears out their welcome anyway. I’m pretty nocturnal.

Anyway, holla @ this topic. I just want confirmation at least from a couple people.

aww but thursday is when we have $10 all night gaming on gameworks.

Well if you’re trying to play Marvel, 3s, or VF5 it’d be better to go to GW anyway - most of us play ST.

dude speaking of ST, honda is pretty beasty, fuck any other character for realz

I wanna game tonight. But I wouldn’t be able to show until really late; perhaps after 10PM or even midnight. So please post up and let me know if games are going to be running late at your place tonight.

jab headbutt all day e’rr day son

if none of my friends get a hold of me and invite me on something random, I’ll still host. no promises yet, since you’re the only confirmed and that would be late. :confused: I’m sure that if we’re/I’m gaming, it wouldn’t end before 10 though.

I’d show if you have things going on tonight. Only because I’m gonna take a break from all gaming starting spring quarter until summer break. 26 credits requires no distractions.

I’d be down for some games I was looking for a session today. I need to test my pad which I had to rebuild.

26 credits requires hella distractions so that your brain doesn’t melt.


Bring your PS2 too, then. Mine’s missing an essential part and I can’t use it at the moment.

Alright. Are you open for business now? Or what time should I head over? My cellphone I left at a friends so I just want to get all the questions finished now.

I’m ‘onna go run down and pay my rent, and uh… that’s about it. Then I’m just sittin’ around doin’ laundry and shit. So yeah, whatever’s clever. I was gonna say four or five but it doesn’t really matter. I’ma post another topic.

For future reference I don’t read the forum except for threads I’m already subscribed in, so PM me or post in the Seattle needs more ST players thread, holla. :tup:

That was a randomly not disappointing night, despite nobody showing up.

Yeah it was tight for three people.

I enjoyed it. Hopefully I can make whenever the next one is.