Whatever floats your boat

It’s probably not work safe. :sweat:
It falls along that line of that mario gender bender. Except with some fairly well known characters.

And if the mods have any problem with this I’ll delete it.

You’re a little late. Somebody already posted this, and a bunch of weirdo homophobes gayed the thread up, talking stupid shit like “he draws male characters as women, maybe he wishes HE was a girl” and other dumb shit. I thought it was pretty fuckin’ cool. I wish I still had that one pic Fred Perry did of Gouki, Ryu, and Ken as women…bad-ass bitches.

Moved To Image Mishmash, true, kind of not work safe, but its Art. Its ok in my book.

moved to fan art.



Image Mishmash (12 Viewing)
A general image repository. Post any images that you like, from personal photos to Street Fighter artwork. Just keep it clean.

I moved it to fan art for 3 reasons.

#1) I don’t want Dios to think he can just dump all his problems on me. I will just dump them on rook. lol.

#2) Fan art needs the thread more than we do.

#3) I feel uncomfortable having a chubby for gouki.

that is all.


… how very… raises eyebrow… odd…

The only complaints I have is that
1.) There’s no Justice without her helmet, no Dizzy or A.B.A.
2.) Yet another HTK clone.

Other than that, they look cool.

Wins for Samus art.

While this board isn’t a dumping ground, I have no problems with ppl sharing sites of other ppl’s fan art (esp since we’d probably appreciate it a hell of a lot more than the IMM crew anyway) as long as:-
(1) they don’t claim it’s theirs (if it’s not);
(2) there’s no nudity/etc in violation of SRK posting guidelines;
(3) they don’t spam up the board with multiple posts.

Apathy who’s HTK?

Dunlap: long time no see man. good to see you still check in from time to time :slight_smile:

Hyung Tae (mother fuckin’) Kim!

^ ah, thx.
HTK’s stuff is more refined, but yeah I can see the influence.

edited my previous post slightly


…and your board needs all the help it can get.

OMG IMM vs FA board war!



Sup, man! I’ve been lurking every now and again. Hopefully now it’s the holidays I’ll have some time to contribute to that awesome thread Chainwhore started.

what’s this guy’s name? His site is down.