Whatever happened to Bebop?

I always used to watch his vids when I was a scrub vanilla Vega player. Where did he go? He really had a great Vega and I learnt a lot from watching his vids back then.

Last i heard Shredder laid him off several years ago along with Rocksteady. Sadly, they both are staying in a homeless shelter in the Bronx.

Haha, if you know his gamertag, go to xbox.com and follow these steps:

  • log in with your xboxlive credentials
  • go to your profile (click your name)
  • go into your friends and into one of their profiles
  • replace their gamertag in the URL with Bebop’s and see what he’s been doing
  • tell us

I love you forever

-Blast Vega board members (Me, Knucklez, etc)
-Get in productive and profane arguments
-Leave Vega use Bison
-Leave Bison use Blanka
-Give props to Vega users who stuck through and through in Vanilla

LOL! Should’ve known someone would make a turtle reference :P, I’d +1 you for that if that kinda thing existed here.

Ah k so he doesn’t play Vega anymore, a shame cause he was doing well in tournaments and I liked watching his Vega.