Whatever Happened to Waffle Crisp, Cinnabon Cereal, and all those other good cereals?

Man, I’ve been upset for a while that grocery stores don’t carry Waffle Crisp anymore. That was one of my favorite cereals right with cinnamon toast crunch, and life cinnamon. i also remembered another cereal from back in the day. It looked like miniature cinnamon buns. I vaguely remember the commercials for them, but the box was blue and it had a tornado of cinnamon coming out of the bowl. Damn man, I need to email Post cereals and start a petition to bring those back. Also speaking about CTC, I could swear that the cereal tasted twice as good before this recession hit.

Discuss about canceled cereals here and the downgrade of taste in previously favorite cereals.

man whatever happened to all of Count Chocula’s buddies?

Oh yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen Frankenberry or Boo Berry on the shelves anymore either. I never tried those though, they looked nasty.

Oh god Waffle Crisp, I loved that stuff :frowning:

I can’t really remember the names of a lot of cereals I liked a long time ago that are probably gone now. Heck, one that I though was gone for years (Smorz) I recently found on shelves. There’s still good stuff being made though. Chocolate Cheerios is amazing, I’ll be sad when that goes away.

i LOVED waffle crisp… booberry was actually good too.

smorz is GODLIKE. i like cereal.

French Toast Crunch got nerfed to shit.




They don’t even taste remotely the same.

Sad shit.

^^ AWWW MAN I totally forgot about that one. why’d you have to bring that up, now I’m double mad. Don’t see that one around either.

Oh god, see, this is what I mean…fuck I loved that too.

fixed your link for ya. Yeah, I remember that brief time when they reduced it to make it look like CTC and it didn’t taste anything like it. Man was I mad, I sort of envisioned its doom when that change came. A Damn shame.

Waffle Crisp was some good shit. another cereal I used to love that went away and came back was Rice Krispy Treats cereal.

Did anybody ever actually like Trix? I swear, that shit tastes like flavoured soap

My girl loves it, but I can’t get down with it or Fruity Pebbles.

They still have Cinnabon cereal around here, although it’s never on sale. One thing I’d like to know though is why they never make value bags of good cereal. It’s always super sugary Fruit Loops, Corn Pops, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, etc. Come on, make some huge bags of Honey Bunches of Oates. :bluu:

fuck fruity pebbles…and coca pebbles for that much…shits garbage. gets soggy so quickly too.

trix was…meh.

i used to love coco puffs but somewhere along the line my tastes sorta changed…didn’t find them as mindblowingly amazing anymore. maybe because i rarely got them as a kid.

i like some “grownup” cereals too. honey nut chex=the bomb.

also kashi strawberry fields >>>> honey bunches of oats w/strawberries.

thing that sucks about honey bunches of oats is the bottom of the box…where it’s all just an indistinguishable mash of crumbles. the top is good though, when the large flakes are intact…bottom of the box is shit tier.

Waffle Crisp is the greatest cereal ever. Every day I was smelling like breakfast.

They still sell it in random places like in Pennsylvania. I get hookups occasionally from a source. :coffee:

lol @ Waffle Crisp Dealer

Im picturing the south park where Cartman is getting KFC in that back alley

and Cocoa Puffs always tasted like coffee grinds, to me

They need some meat flavoured cereals

The only cereals that matter:

Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Rice Krispies Treats
Frosted Mini Wheats Strawberry Delight
Cascadian Farms ORGANIC cinnamon raisin granola

Generic need not apply

Edit: I saw Cinnabon and Wallfe Crisp next to each other this morning when I was buying my Poptarts. Try Walmart

of course I have to make a cameo…

Waffle Crisp…ah one the legendary cereals of the early 00’s…gone out of production in my region…the perfect combination of waffles and syrup in cereal form…one that has eluded me from my grasp…I was tempted to buy a box off of ebay but alas any true cereal smasher knows cereal’s original soucre must come from the grocery store isles…

do anyone remember Oreo’o’s? magical son…just magical

I go to Wal-mart all the time, must be in exclusive places like white shadow said.