Whatever happened to


Nostalgia thread, I guess? Not sure if I’m using the word correctly in this case since there’s a lot of varying uses, but yeah, just shit you miss in general or wish was still around. Maybe even stuff that’s not around anymore that you wish you could have gotten a chance to try. It can be food, candy, tv shows, etc. It can even be games. After a post I made earlier in another thread, I searched around to see if there was already a thread like this, but I couldn’t find one. If I’m wrong, feel free to lock this one down. Anyway, just to name a few things I miss:

Cinematech: An amazing show I always watched after school while doing homework. Or, at least while I attempted to do homework. I started recording episodes after a while, so I could watch when I got home from school. I soon had so many that I had a 24-hour loop of nothing but Cinematech playing on my tv while I did whatever during the day in my room. Homework, sleeping, playing video games(second tv in my room), or anything else; it was all Cinematech, all the time, and I loved every moment of it.

As for snacks and such, Pepsi Blue, Ecto Cooler Hi-C, Doritos 3D’s, and Squeezits!

Games: Croc, NiGHTS into DREAMS, Jersey Devil, Gex, Legend of Dragoon. There’s plenty more, but I’m trying to keep this from turning into a wishlist, or a simple “stuff that I like” thing. These are just a small number of games I feel were under-appreciated and deserve a proper remake or sequel. Keyword being proper.

Anyway, let’s discuss some of the stuff that all of you grew up with or miss. Also, this isn’t a battle of the childhoods, where we all try to one-up each other and claim that our time was the best time to live in. This is just a fun, savor the memories kinda thing :slight_smile: Share your memories with us! I’m really curious to see what all of you grew up with.