Whatever it happened to UD-CPS2


u guys might remember this:

I was very excited about n planned to buy one, but it now seems to be at a dead end, also the fact that no one seems to care if it makes it to the public, feel free to opine about it, cuz I think this project should be supported by majority of us


I thought Undamned is still working on it?


Brian is still working on it. This is something he does in his free time and all expenses are incurred by him.

I talked to him at Evo, and he’s well aware of how much vested interest the ST community has for his product. Myself, along with Fromo and SnakeEyez, and I’m sure many others, got the chance to test it firsthand. The initial prototype was pretty damn good, but it had some issues with the controls.


Yeah i want one of these


Hey, guys. Just dropping in to say that I’m still very much excited for and working on this project. I’m going to do my best to hammer this out ASAP, ideally having some production units before EVO. For any of you attending SCR, this weekend, I sent Rufus some of my USB converters (same ones used inside the UD-CPS2) to use there on whatever setup he’s running.


Appreciate it! Hopefully it runs right for the supergun i’m bringing to SCR. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Cool, these r good news indeed