Whats a decent arcade stick for a casual player (xbox 360)?

I preordered the MK9 TE with stick but after reading some comments on here I am having second thoughts. Whats a good stick for a casual gamer, something maybe in the 60-100 range? I see the Tekken 6 Limited Edition going for $60 with a wireless stick, is that one any good?

The MK9 TE will have a button layout that is only well placed for MK.

For other fighting games, you want one with a more general layout. Like a curved button layout, or a straight layout depending on what you like.

The normal TE’s (ss4 r1 and 2, mvc2, mvc3, chun li, etc.) might be what you’re looking for. It’s a good size for lap play, and to be placed on a surface. Madcatz sells them on their site for 159.99 plus shipping. There was a sale this weekend for Final round, I dont know if it’s still going on, but I purchased an MVC2 TE for 149.79 and that’s with shipping.

The smaller madcatz sticks (the SE’s) are not horrible if you mod them. But stock they aren’t so great. I suggest a madcatz TE, non mortal kombat layout, of course.

As far as wireless sticks, and anything wireless, you may experience input lag, signal interference, and have to keep feeding it batteries.

I think the Tekken 6 wireless is a good stick to begin with if you are just starting to get interested in fightsticks and don’t want to spend a lot and just want something to play with. If you think you may get serious about about sticks and tournaments, I suggest just going ahead and getting the MadaCatz TE because you can’t beat the quality and you will end up buying one eventually.

Why are you having second thoughts about the MK9 TE? It’s going to be a high quality stick, and only $90 after you subtract the game price.

Don’t pay attention to hate for Happ parts. People will always like what they like and hate on everything else. Happ sticks play great when used for MK.

If Mortal Kombat is going to be your main game, then I would highly suggest getting the MK9 TE, because the MK layout is much better for MK’s game mechanics.

If SSF4 or MvC3 are you main games then get an 8 button layout stick.

If you plan to play SSF4/MvC3, and MK all equally seriously, then I would suggest having a stick for both layouts.

I currently play with a Tekken 6 wireless (sanwa button/octogate modded) for SF/Marvel, and a MadCatz TE modded with the new MK layout Combat Panel for my MK games.

Yes, $90 seems like a great deal for the stick. I like the looks but I didnt realize I needed 8 buttons to play Tekken and SF. I could get use to the button layout on the MK TE stick but if I need the 2 buttons that are on the top by the Xbox Guide button to play those other games, I cant see myself buying a separate stick for other games. Like I said, im just a casual gamer, I may play a game 2-3 times a week at the most. Another thing that I didnt realize was the MK TE stick doesnt seem to have a headphone port for Xbox LIVE.

You only really need 6 buttons for SF4 (and only 4 for Tekken), but thats not what the problem is with the MK layout on other fighting games. Street Fighter was designed for 3 punches, 3 kicks, all neatly lined up in rows so you can press them at the same time. It just doesn’t work on the MK layout. Tekken would probably work ok though.

You can play MK on a SF button layout, but its too hard to play SF on an MK layout.

Would you say it would be harder to play SF on a MK layout vs playing on a regular Xbox controller?

I think for a casual gamer like yourself a SE Madcatz should be fine. If in the future you want to get serious you can easily switch out the buttons and the joystick.

lots of advice on what stick to buy here:

Yep, I cant find a Madctaz SE though :frowning:

Thanks, nice FAQ :wink:

The finalround sale at madcatz is still going on. Plenty of time to still get a discounted TE. They have mvc2 and chun li tes left. They also have mv3 tes but those dont count towards the sale.

WWE All STARS? BrawlStick? for Xbox 360? - GameShark? Store

This baby is coming out pretty soon. It’s essentially the SE with better parts (though still not authentic Sanwa)

What are they changing for the Brawl Stick that the SE didn’t have?
Or are they just upgrading their sticks and buttons to “less terrible?”

I dont see the TE or others in stock. Where do you see it still available?

If you can find a Hori RAP3 for around $60, I’d take that over an SE or the wireless Tekken stick anyday.

$60, wow, where should I look for that price?

They are sold out of the MVC2 TE. They have Chun li and MVC3 TE’s left. So if you want a discount you gotta go with the chun li…but if you wanna pay full price than the mvc3 is still in stock. heres a link to the chun li one.

Official Super Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition for Microsoft Xbox 360 - Chun Li - GameShark Store

Thanks for the link. $136 is to much to spend on my first stick.

Try to find someone selling a stick on the trading forum, or just keep searching for that deal bro.

If you’re committed to using a stick, spend the extra cash towards a higher end stick like a HRAP EX/VX or TE stick(used/second hand is just as good). You will regret buying an entry level stick after you forking over more money for Sanwa/Seimitsu/HAPP/Crown/Fanta parts. If you’re dead set on an entry level stick…then the Brawstick is your best bet. Comes with better parts(better microswitches for the stick and Tatsunoko vs Capcom buttons), if they ever break, you won’t need to solder anything unlike the entry level Hori sticks.

If you think you’ll be going from fighters like MvC3, SSFIV and MK9, Madcatz will be selling the MK9 panel separately that’s interchangeable with the TE stick.