What's a good anti-air?

okay, so far I’m using jab xx f,d,df+jab, but that idn’t much reliable…
i’d use b+fierce, but it’s only one hit and if it gets parried, not much left…any suggestions?

Back+fierce is safe if they’re high up enough. Use it when you’ve got the angle on them.

Otherwise, ‘sitting’ strong (Big ups to my BKD peeps!) is good to just throw out to keep them from getting too comfortable. I usually dash under people who jump in at me, unless I’m cornering them, which is when I’d throw out the cross-under back+fierce.

Jab Denpa is safe depending on your distancing, because he recovers quickly and moves backward after. Throw that out, then parry the return-attack.

Otherwise, um… block.


yea, I’ve seen peeps do cr. strong, then super for a reset if it’s parried, but I’m gonna have to learn st.roundhouse for now, since it sets up nicely for the…eh…that move where he tosses you…um…hcf+kick?
but I’m guessing that ideally you want to mix it up and use everything since the timing to air parry most of these is different? not sure
another thing, if you do JUST jab denpa, is that safe if parried?
I know it’s only one hit, but I also know that he steps back after doing it, like in setups where you do jab denpa to fake them out, then do cr.jab xx super if they flinch or whatever

Unless it’s something crazy-fast like Dudley’s jumping Fierce, you’re usually safe using jab denpa.


might be mistaken but don’t you mean Dudley’s j.roundhouse?
that move is fast, I’ve had lots of problems trying to anti-air that move, but I get stuffed a lot so I end up blocking and they get in on me…
fortunately, Necro has a backdash that’s very useful

Nope, roundhouse is the elbow. That takes forever. The punch is fierce.

Seriously, I just try to predict jumping and dash forward. It takes a lot of work (and against some people it’s downright suicidal) but it helps for zoning and anti-pressure whatnot a lot.


You know what’s good anti pressure? SA1.