What's a good Capture Card?

Ever since I started playing SSF4 and watched replays and such, I’ve been thinking about getting a capture card so that I could upload my matches. What’s a good mid-range card that I could get? These are my PC specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4 GHz
GeForce 8800GT



only 7$ now!!!
well i bought it at 20$ it was really good. I could basically turn my laptop into a tv and play some fighting games so basically no lag!!! I did use media classic player instead of the stock software. The stock software is good for recording but not good for using it as a “TV”

any suggestions for capture using components?

Oh nice I was just about to make a thread about capture cards cuz the only other threads I found were like years old. I’m also looking for a good capture card.

Can you guys elaborate on how these things will work? Will you still be able to play in full 720/1080 HD mode while recording?

If you want full HD the best thing to get is probably a HAVA unit. I cant think of any usb devices that do full HD just due to the bandwidth limitations.

Also any of the USB devices use your computer to do the rendering/decoding, the HAVA does half the work for you, since its network based you can be playing games in the main room and recording it on your computer 3 rooms over.

Dont buy one full price, always use one of the 30% off coupons or get one from ebay or something- http://www.monsoonmultimedia.com/products.html

Also been hearing some good stuff about the EZCap listed above, its only SD but for the money its worth it, just be weary I think it will not work on x64 Vista/7, vice versa the HAVA uses WMC to play videos so you need Vista/7 or a Media Center version of XP but it supports 64bit just fine.

Which one is better A Dazzle or a Blitz Box? My husband is looking at both of these and we were wondering which one is best. The Dazzle is cheaper and he can get a good deal on one that comes with all cords, etc is it okay?

I’m interested in the same thing. From what I gather it seems it’s kinda expensive, the choices are:

  1. Hook up component to tv and tv-out to capture card. (Not possible on most tv’s)
  2. Hook up component to component video distribution amplifier(somewhat expensive), connect from that to component capture card (somewhat expensive)

Personally, I wouldn’t mind capturing in composite to save money (it’s much cheaper), but I’d still wanna view via component and haven’t found any good choices. Like all things component, the component-to-composite converters are expensive… You might as well just buy the component vda instead. Does anyone know a cheap product/option?

So there’s no way to play in HD (ie: use HDMI cable) but record at some other (low?) resolution?

Sure there is, with a splitter if you used component split it so one set goes to the TV and another to your recording device.

If you ever went with a HAVA it has pass through so you can still play and record at the same time with no hassles. It was not designed to be a capture device, actually its meant to be a “place shift” device so you can watch your TV or record it on a computer when your TV is in another room or even another state because it also streams to the internet, but when I came across it I found it makes a great HD recording device with no compromises like many other devices. It has multiple inputs and pass through so I can hook it up and leave it and only use it when I need too.

If you plan to put stuff on youtube HD is the only way to go IMO the quality difference from 480p to 720p is huge, not because the resolution so much, but just because of the higher bitrate they allocate to “HD” videos. While a direct feed for recording is best like discussed on this thread if you do it right you can get good results with a HD camcorder.

The HAVA device sound great, because while my PC and TV are in the same room, they are on opposite sides of the room, and I don’t think a capture device would reach without me moving furniture. Does this device work with Win 7 64-bit? It’s not mentioned in the specifications.

Yeah works on 64bit. The IR blaster does not work I think (the device that lets you change channels on your tuner while away from the tv via internet/network) but the streaming/recording and stuff work fine.


Look under PC Client section says 32/64bit.

Its slow, boring, but gives a good overview of the unit: [media=youtube]MmokDpbOkn0[/media]

I actually just found out it does not record in HD but will play HD in pass through and record 720x480… so if you want to record HD nevermind.

A HD capture card is big bucks though.

I went ahead and ordered the Platinum HD box. Can’t wait to get it! Sucks that HDMI isn’t supported, though (are there any capture devices that have HDMI?)

You have to get the hauppauge HD PVR, its immense.

Theres some Full HD samples on my youtube page if you need to check quality


I ordered the Platinum HD after your edit, and now I want to cancel my order, but it seems you can’t do it on the site. :confused:

Da Citizen, I’ll check out the Hauppauge PVR once I take care of cancelling my order.

I have the Hauppauge HD PVR and love it.

I use a HDMI splitter and one end goes into my asus and the other goes to my HDFURY2, which converts the HDMI into a component connection. Then just plug the component cables into the HD PVR and record away!

Even if you don’t go the HDMI way like I did above, the component passthrough on the HD PVR is great.

Did I mention that recording games in 720p is nice too?

Hmm I dunno I’m still kind of unsure how this is supposed to work. I thought with PS3’s you can only play in HD if you use the HDMI output? Wouldn’t I need like an HDMI splitter then and a capture card that can take HDMI?

Im sure that there is component cables for the PS3, I have never seen a system that did not have them.


component supports 1080p without problems.

I’ve heard good things about this HDMI capture card. Requires PCI express



Also relatively cheap, all HDMI connections.

Basically you go PS3->Powered HDMI Splitter->PC & TV

I just got a dazzle for 50.00. For my needs it works ok, YMMV. If you want to get an idea of the kind of quality you can expect out of the box check out my youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/Toelishness

Keep in mind that I am new to video, so I prolly could clean these up to look better.

It’s looking like I’ll need a USB extension cable if I were to get the Hauppauge box.