Whats a good computer for gaming?

I need a new computer, and Im in the market for one, but im not sure what to look for. Im going to mainly use it for gaming but my budget is only 2k. What brands are good, or what computer should I get. Would it be cheaper to buy the parts and build it myself?

You should buy the parts yourself and build it. If you are located in the US, then Newegg.com would be a good site to look at stuff.

Here is what I recommend:

Intel Core 2 Duo e6600 - $310
eVGA Geforce 8800GTS - $300
GIGABYTE GA-965G mobo - $130
2 GB DDR2-800 or better memory - $250
Seagate 320GB SATA HDD - $95
Corsair HX-620 620W PSU - $160
Nice Lian-li or Silverstone case - $100-250

That should end up being around $1500 or so, give or take a couple hundred dollars.

Hopefully I didn’t forget anything important. Keyboard, mouse and monitor are preference.

Microcenter.com is another good spot for grabbing parts. You might have one close by.

For $2k, you should be able to put together a nice system. Sharky Extreme has examples of what they’d buy for $2500, so you might want to see what they have. They include everything in that cost, even a mouse/keyboard, so you might be able to hit their setup.

I almost forgot…

If you buy the processor/motherboard at the same place, be sure to ask them about “OEM Pricing” on their operating systems. You can get Windows for a discount that way.


wtf? what are you thinking? iMac <----- tailored for desktop publishing, graphics/video and music ONLY hell, apple in particular is well known for this.

24 inch iMac comes with a GeForce 7300 with 128 meg of RAM on card, the system has 1 gig of RAM expandable to 3, and a 2.16 Ghz Core 2 Duo processor and is expandable at a later time. Not to mention compatable with Windows XP/Vista as well as Mac OS X.

Tell me why I shouldn’t recommend an iMac for gaming?

What about a Mac Pro?

Cause you are better off building it on your own, and macs aren’t very customizable from a hardware perspective. Its not a terrible option, but why wouldn’t you just buy the parts seperately?

Dont go cheap on RAM if you can spend the extra 50-100$

It is not worth it in the long run to buy almost-top of the line.

Cause the 24" iMac with subpar parts you mention is $2000, while a customized PC setup for the same amount of dough can get you some of the best hardware out right now. Macs are overpriced and shouldn’t be looked at from a gaming-first perspective; hell, they’re hard to consider even for graphics applications - I’d rather use my PC any day than the Macs (mac pros) at school.

thank you. besides from my tech perspective since i work on these amongst others, you’d have to be stupid to be running on boot camp (windows) not even finalized hence BETA

I’m gonna have to post some pictures of my gaming rig in my living room. I don’t use it so much to play PC games (mostly MAME and other console emulators) but for what I do use it for everything looks and runs great. Here’s what’s inside:

Intel Pentium D Processor
1TB Hard Drive (2 x 500GB)
Nvidia GeForce 7600GS (It’s not too heavy duty, but it’s powering my 50" Samsung plasma TV just fine)
430W power supply in an Antec Fusion case

I guess the main thing is if you are able to build your own computer or not. If you can, then I would definitely buy the parts and build it myself. You can usually get much better hardware for less money doing it that way.

All decent choices. My one big question at the moment is what to do processor-wise for my new box; my parents are footing half the bill (yay university graduation present) and I’ve got two grand, so I basically have the Money Cheat for this machine, but I don’t need to spend too much.

As for video cards…I’ve been told right now the NVIDA 7950 is pretty much the best card under 500 bucks on the market, and likely will be for another year or so. Does anyone else here have good experiences with that card?

Here’s the plan right now:

  • Proccessor Unknown As Of Yet
  • DFI mobo, ASUS sucks.
  • 2GB+ RAM (might go 4 gigs, but it’s not like I’d be dumb enough to run Vista), Corsair ftmfw. Kingston’s also a good choice.
  • Hard drives in a RAID 0 array rigged for speed. Mmm…speed. The disk is the biggest bottleneck on ANY machine. If you’re not running SATA RAID, you’re not runnning a gaming box. I might try raid 100 (also known as 0+1+0), if I have the money and the board to run it.
  • Video card…currently trying to decide. I will want to run a TV, but it’ll probably be a projection rig I build myself, so VGA only is fine.

Operating systems:

  • Win98 or XP for playing imported games. 98 has the speed, but I honestly don’t think I’ll find drivers for the hardware I’m planning to run. XP has the drivers - and it’s still a fuckton faster than Vista.
  • Gentoo with a custom kernel and a stripped-down Fluxbox-based interface for the most possible speed.

This thing is going to be my all-purpose machine for at least the next three or four years, probably longer.

Note: There isn’t a single good game that’s “made for Vista”, and there likely never will be, so don’t try to convert me on that point. Also, directX 9 ftw, directX 10 is a big hog.

Thank you for all the help. I believe that I will end up buying the parts myself and having my uncle build the computer itself for me. Is there any specific place to buy parts? I like the idea of the second post on this thread, and 1500 dollars sounds like a good price. I havent bought anything yet, so if you still have suggestions, I’m open to them.

Newegg.com is where I buy most of my parts. They have great deals, reliable, and the shipping rates are pretty low.

the two places i look at are newegg, as well as zipzoomfly.com (formerly google gear i believe). zipzoomfly, i’ve found, sometimes has lower prices, and are more likely to include free shipping