What's a good end to a common combo?



I’m talking about Chun’s J.HP x 2, C.HP cancel into SBK. After the SBK she’s left soooo open for possible punishment. Back J.HK works alright but it seems like there’s still a chance to be punished.

Is there a good ending to this combo for her?


EX SBK really or wait to see if they r gona punish u and if they aint immediately do a short to be the throw


A well timed throw (or against DP happy players, block and punish) usually works for me. If you want to fuck up their timing, do a light SBK instead of a medium SBK and you can usually surprise them with the, now earlier, throw.


I end my J.HP-HP with the back MK target kicks, That is only if it connects. I do the c.Hp xx SBK only if I have a full super. I believe the SBK cause more damage, but you are left open, even if it connects just like Ken’s Hurricane Kick. You can always try to throw at the end too.


If you can do back MK target combo into the corner and tag on an EX SBK, you should be getting more damage and then a knockdown.

If you got ultra, do J. FPx2 to cl. HK xx EX legs linked to ultra in the corner. (Totally doable even if you’re on a pad, buffer a couple of extra HKs in the air after the FP connects.)


technically speaking your not really open after that combo your just in tight without a 3 frame dp to mash as an option. You come out of the sbk with a plus 2 or 3 frame advantage, so it comes down to a guessing game (paper rock scissors). If you can remember this your fine. If they hold block after you finish the combo you can throw them. If they seem like a dragon punch happy person you can just block and punish. One of chun’s strengths is mixups especially high low because of her hasan shu. If your not doing to good with the guessing game or if your opponent has a dp fadc ultra waiting for you and you don’t want to risk the guessing game you could end j.fp X2 with s.hk > hk.hasan shu > cr.lk > s.hp.


My favorite and most reliable option is her neutral jumping roundhouse. It works wonders against specific matchups especially non shoto minus blanka. It works since a majority of players will try to grab immidiately after the SBK (Atleast from what I’ve played and I’ve played alot.) Against shotos they’re probably going to SRK 80% of the time. So its really a guessing game on your end whether to jump or just tech the throw. The last thing you want is a shoryuken FADC into ultra. The reason it dosent work on blanka is because any of his recovery moves would beat that at point blank range here. Correct me if im wrong.


I would honestly just back up. I mean you landed one of her beefiest combos, so I wouldn’t really get too greedy. People who get hit by
may start to think “oh fuck, I better make up for that” which may lead to them rushing recklessly or using the shoryu. Just back up and play it calm. Nothing is guarunteed after this combo so I wouldn’t ask for a good ending because you will think of it as your go-to move which may lead to tunnel vision.


I personally have three options just to mix it up. Its either i grab (but usually tech), I jump away roundouse (sometimes gets punished if you fight a shoto who likes to DP), or i just back dash which is pretty safe because of having some invisibility on it. but all in all, just be wise about it. it is a really meaty combo and opponents would definitely want a payback.


Some people like to or think even they can punish you for free, so sometimes I just charge again during my SBK, they reversal (or if they are scrubby even Ultra reversal) and you get another c.fp into SBK.


What can really frustrate your opponent is to do the MK SBK combo and when it ends, block their dp. As they come down, you do cr. HP xx MK SBK and put them in the same position again. If you’re good at reading your opponents (or your opponent is easily read), this is perhaps not the best option, but its alot of fun =)


Or to be even fancier, block their DP, walk up and do the following: cr.hp > hk.legs mashed to mk.legs > cr.hp > mk.sbk

That’s ever more fun (despite the fact that mk.sbk will not combo fully on some shotos D:)

Honestly, I don’t like the mk.sbk combo unless you can guarantee a super or stun after it. Otherwise, you’re in a crappy position with pressure of being put in an almost 50/50 situation. j.hp~hp into the cr.hp combo seems much more effective for me :o


I used to end that with a throw, but lately it seems as though everyone I play is ready for it and just techs.

Now, I c.short>light hazanshu / tick throw / light hazanshu after the medium sbk.

So far, it’s gotten me some pretty positive results. Especially from the hazanshu


if i know ill land jumping hp x 2… ill do c.hp into legs… and then from there depends but usually end it with c. lk into ex legs


After MK SBK:
-Throw / Throw Tech
-cr.LK x2
-Jump Back HK
-Headstomp Instant Overhead
-Combo into Super

Chun is technically not at a disadvantage after landing her SBK. I feel this is pretty neutral for both sides, as it comes down to mind games and mixups at this point. I think a key here is being able to read your opponent. If you’re fairly confident your opponent can’t adapt and you find something that works, stick with it. However, in more high-level play it’s much more likely your opponent will respond differently.

My personal opinion is that the safest option is to throw tech / option select cr.LK. If you time it properly, it is almost 100% safe. MK SBK gives Chun +2 frame advantage on hit. If you do cr.LK but option select (that is, press both LP and LK) after SBK, you get a throw tech if they try to throw you, but if you time it properly you’ve recovered before they can mash anything out.

HOWEVER. Against Zangief, you almost always want to jump if you manage to land SBK. It’s much better for you to potentially eat a Lariat or a jumping attack from Gief rather than lose 600 life to a Reversal Ultra. Against Zangief, I’d recommend neutral jump or jump back HK.


You have to be careful doing that though, because Gief can EX Glove you even if he gets hit with the jump back HK, leaving you in the nasty mixup game he has afterward. Honestly, I don’t think this is a combo you want to use on Gief much, just because of the situation it leaves you in afterward, even if you connect. You don’t want to be near him at all, even if you are at +2 after the SBK.


If you suspect he’s going to EX Glove, jump back anyway and HK him on the way down. =P

I do that quite often.

Theoretically, if he EX Gloves and you jump back, you should be able to Target Combo too, which (if you land both hits) will give you enough frame advantage to combo into Ultra, which would be SICK.


You can also cl. rh > rh legs (or cl. rh > ex sbk) after the mk sbk if you suspect your OP will try to throw.


I still wouldnt suggest doing that combo on Gief. If you have meter than do an EX SBK, that way it knocks him across the screen, or Ultra if in corner. I play alot of Giefs, which I think is my best matchup, and you do not want to be anywhere near him. Zone him the hell out and punish if he gets close. Rinse and repeat.