What's a good price for a Hyper Fighting PCB?


I’m interested in buying a Hyper Fighting PCB, but I am not too experienced with arcade parts. The ones that I see on eBay are generally around the $100 range (including shipping). Are these too overpriced?

If there are cheaper ones, where are some recommendations for alternatives?


I got mine for around $35, but it was pure luck.

Mostly they go around for $60-80 depending on the seller.

Check out the KLOV or Neo-geo.com forums. I’m sure someone there will be willing to give you a good price!


Thanks for the reply. I’ll keep those (including the Trading forum here) in mind if I ever get the chance to get one. I’m just planning stuff out right now since I’m starting to learn about arcade cabinets (and Hyper Fighting was the Street Fighter II I grew up on).

If anyone has any other suggestions, please feel free to share :slight_smile: