Whats a good stick to buy without having to mod it?

I want to get a new stick, but I also dont want to mod it. I have a fear of breaking the hardware so I dont wanna mod it. I just want a stick that would be good without having to customize it.

Or does no such thing exist?

Any HRAP would probably suit your needs.

HRAP 2 SA carries full sanwa parts but its a bit pricey but if you dont want to mod then its perfect. Order from www.Akihabarashop.jp

Namco. Accept nothing less. :tup:

D: If I find it I will buy it.

Those pop up on SRK every now and then. Pretty cheap(80 bucks tops on SRK) and very good.

i just bought a yellow namco off ebay for $35

You could always go custom if you don’t mind waiting and spending a little more than most retail sticks. Special HRAPs might cost you more than a custom though with shipping and whatnot.

Buying a custom stick would be your cheapest and best solution. Not all customs are expensive, just put a thread up in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum naming your price and you will probably get a good response.

imo HRAP or Custom.
The insides of most customs are very user friendly.(providing the wireing is clean) If it has quick disconnect terminals on the wires it’ll be just that much easier to fix any problems if any do come up

I always thought that was kind of weird how a modded HRAP costs more than a custom…