Whats A Good Way To Learn How To Use The Arcade Sticks?

I’ve been using the controlled on fighting games since…shit…I’ve been born lol. But I want to get into using the arcade sticks for once in my lifetime (it will be especially good when I start playing in the arcades again). So whats a good way to learn how to use the sticks effectively (if there is some sort of way to do so)? And also what sticks would be worthy to purchase? What ones are good? Let a brotha know!

It’s like riding a bike. You just learn how to do it with experience. Minus the training wheels.

Any stick works really when you first start out. I’ve only ever bought 1 Stick (SC2 stick for PS2) and I’ve been using it for years both on the PS2 and through a converter for the PC. A couple pieces of advice though.

  1. Try different hand positions. There are a couple hand positions used, most common are the standard grip of 4 fingers on the left side of the ball and thumb on the right (palm faced down) or your wine glass grip which is holding your palm up and the stick between your middle and ring finger. Some people like to play switch handed as well (right hand crossed over on the stick and left hand on button), there’s no real best way, just what works for you.

  2. Just play and get used to doing your commands. Dashes, specials and supers will be more difficult to do at first, but you’ll eventually get used to it.

  3. Don’t give up, you might lose a lot while you’re still getting used to the transition, but don’t let that discourage you. It’s worth the effort once you get do get the hang of it.

just remember that it took everyone a couple of months to get used to it so just keep playing

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I got my Naki stick and modded it with Sanwa parts about 2 months ago. First stick i ever used really, and now I’m way comfortable with it. Today I picked up the controller again and it felt so strange, same way the stick felt 2 months ago.

So really, there’s no “how do I get used to it”. There’s no Mr Miagi “first you must squash flies with your fingertips, then you may use a stick”.

Get into it, push through the weirdness, and you’ll get it no doubt.

just save some money and buy a stick from massystems then just use that and not the pad and you well be good to go in no time:tup:

but there are some people who just cant play with a stick like my friend stan hes a pad player all the way ,stick is just to weird for him so in the end its all about what makes you happy i guess.

Keep playing with it.

Use that muthafucka till it becomes second nature.
Then use it some more.
Treat it with respect, because it is your weapon.

When you can do the moves without thinking about which buttons to press, that’s a good start.
Also, build up that muscle memory pretty much.

I just started not too long ago. All you can do is practice. Sometimes, though, you’re just not gonna be able to get as good. I play GG on a pad. I’ll never be able to not play on a pad.

Thats whatsup guys Appreciate it; just thought it was some odd way to learn the sticks but it just takes practice form what you guys are telling me…thanks again! I’m about to purchase one and get my arcade stick on! lol


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There’s no other way.

As for sticks to purchase, I had this and it really helped:

Search the tech forum if you have questions about it.

Damn I just purchased a new arcade stick from the XArcade site…oops…I’ve been hearing that these are pretty good too. Or did I just waste my money? Please tell me otherwise!!!:sad:

X-Arcade sticks are not good… at all. :sad:

I’d cancel that order if I were you.

It’s ok if you barely remotely care about fighting games.
People like my fiance would probably enjoy the x-arcade 'cause she’ll probably play it 2 times outta the year.

But if you’re serious about trying to get better, then X-Arcade is a piece of shit.
Cancel that shit ASAP and pick up a MAS.

Another suggestion is to go to the Tech Forum or the Trading Forum.
There’s constantly people selling their MAS or custom arcade sticks there.

Simply make a post saying that you “Want to Buy (WTB) xx Stick for xx system”