Whats a good website for axis ribbons or pcb parts?

Hey guys im looking for a website that sells pc ribbons/six axis ribbons, microcontrollers and all that great stuff. i found one here last yr but it seems like the thread is dead it was a site from a diy six axis hack. any site would help thanks

I remember looking through that axisdapter diy thread not too long ago…
Found the thread. No more pics though. It has all the parts listed in the first post with links.

man thanks every time i search DIY it comes with nothing. thanks alot tho.

No prob man. I had to do the search through google to find what I was lookin for.

Digikey is the best place for electronics, pretty much hands down. Bet I would have to suggest doing it kit style:
Toodles Axisdapter Board
All the fun of assembling it, with the overall cleaner look from a good pcb.

i have 2 of those toodles . i was looking for parts to do a pc case mod.