"whats a kick" - barlog thread

best thread name, all other threads pack it up.

I hope they bring back the more ST aggressive style more, that is a blast to watch


LOL I didn’t even notice that until you said something.

Also thread needs a better title. Something less…plain.

Naw this is fine when you got the “who the hell is Sean” title floating around. Misspelling and all.

Barlog wins tho

Actually this thread has the best reference title among all

I have a feeling they’re going to give him some of Q’s moves. Command grab and ex wall bounce

capcom had spelled it barlog in the file names data mined from pc, though it wasn’t actually boxer, but claw, with the Japanese names being used. -I thought it was misspelled here on purpose. :slight_smile:

I think Barlog shoud stay, but punctuation and “Oooooaah~ Oooooaah~” be added in somehow.

When you say “Barlog” I keep thinking of the guy who worked on God of War 2.

I must say, that is the most uninformative OP I’ve seen in a character thread. The fuck does Kingpin and Lana have to do with Barlog?

Kingpin is black and bald?

In Daredevil, yes.

That was a statement, not a question

In the movie he is.

Balrog bald and has an Egyptian Goatee

I hope they give him an aggressive ST style and some good mixup/mindgames/combos options. I would also prefer they give you some decent payoffs for taking risks and make it much harder to turtle up against Rog.

Balrog is braindead in ST.


I doubt his V-Skill will be anything other than turn-punch reworked.

Wouldn’t mind a command grab and some sort of aerial special added to his arsenal.

I really hope they tone down the dumb thug attitude they forced onto him in SF4.