What's a "link" as opposed to a "combo"?

Is a combo like a 2 in 1, whereas a link is just one move after the other without the two in one feel?

Is this how ken does low short, low short, low jab, fierce uppercut?

You’re mixing up some terms here:

Combo: any sequence of hits where if the first hit is not blocked, the remaining hits are unblockable. It can involve many and any kind of move sequences, such as links, chains, cancels, juggles, etc.

Link: A link is any sequence of two moves that connect together, without being canceled into. This is due to the hitstun of the first move being large enough for the second move to connect.

2-in-1: Old school terminology for canceling an attack (traditionally a normal attack) into a special move.

A link is essentially comboing attacks without actually “canceling” a move. For example, crouching MK–> 2 in 1 Hadou Ken is a cancel. However, linking crouching MP into a second crouching MP with Ryu requires no cancel, the enemy is still in hit stun when the first crouching MP recovers, allowing the player to perfectly time a follow-up crouching MP to hit the enemy before they return to a neutral state.

Edit: It looks like Ultima has got you covered.

From Buktooth’s frame data faq

Hmm when you cancel like mk-frieball are you negating the recovery frames of mk with the fireball? I know it doesnt really matter but just a question on how frame fit inot cancelling.

Yeah when you do cr.MK into fireball you are going from cr.MK’s active frames directly into the fireball. When you do cr.MP into cr. MK with Ryu, you start cr.MK after cr.MP’s recovery frames have ended.

so since the game follows st’s cancelling restrictions, you could chain the c.LKs, link the c.LP and cancel that, right? in the original example given.

As long as the last hit you perform is linked, you cancel off of it.

The original example refers to Ken’s combo in SF4, in which c.LK is canceled into c.LP, but HP SRK is linked after c.LP (low jab, recover, shoryuken).

Doesn’t have to work like that, though. Ken can link c.LK >> c.LP xx SRK as well.

Hell, he can link all three if he wants.

However, c.LK -> c.LK -> c.LP pushes the opponent too far away; the HP SRK won’t connect fully, far as I can find.


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