What's a possible verdict for this? *stick*

what could be wrong? my kicks work fine when pressed together, making it very easy to fast fly and whatnot, however, i can’t say the same for my punches. i was thinking, is it possible for the grounds to be throwing off the timing? my grounding is like this:

the game i’m referencing is mvc2…

and sorry, i did this in paint with a laptop touchpad.

The path you daisy chain shouldnt make a difference. maybe check that the wires on your punches are secure to the wires and check the wires are cleanly soldered to the pcb.

If it was the grounds then you would be noticing a lag in you movement too since the joystick is at the end of the daisy chain.

If you wanted to change the grounds though, you could run a single wire out of the PCB, then have it branch into two wires, one which covers the grounds for start/select and the joystick, and one which covers your six buttons. Though I would go with what urth said and check your connections first.

they’re not soldered. everything is secure with quick connects, and i tried different quick connects as well. the weirdest part…

if i play marvel, i sometimes can’t air dash because of it, or do ahvb because of it… but if i play xmen vs street fighter, which requires all three, i can always wave dash, air dash, etc. i know it’s not my execution, because two other people had a hard time with it as well. i’m thinking maybe the switches? but that doesn’t explain the three buttons (except that since my hand’s in a different positino when i hit all three, that it compensates for it.

Yeah, try splitting the ground into two or more parts. That should ether fix it, or help you understand why it’s not working at least.

it could also be your buttons/cherry switches. they could be worn down to where the button has to travel further to engage the switch and activate. if like one button was like that, it can make pressing 2 or 3 buttons simultaneous, harder. im very sure its just button replacement that is needed

well, i just got four new cherries. i’m going to take a measuring into that… i do abuse the fuck out of jab in super turbo and 3rd strike, so it’s possible.

the problems not ground.

As long as there’s nothing but wire and metal in there, it would take a length of wire 15,737,137 feet long to cause a delay of a single frame.


would interference be a possibility?

the cherries were soldered at one point, but i thought i cleaned them off well enough before i applied the qd’s. likewise, the wire i’m using is pretty thick. i forget the actual gague, but it’s thicker than telephone wire. it’s possibly one step up from the normal wire that people use on their pcb’s

i’m also using the psx pcb that has a solderless hack… ‘h’? series?? if orget.

I think its related to your pcb, and not the actual wiring, maybe its touching more than one spot ,etc? That could happen, also plug it in the computer if you can, and check if pressing one button presses more than 1 at a time, then it could be a grounding problem.

i already checked up on all that. the buttons all work independently. i actually don’t have a console, i’ve been playing emulators.

I would say if possible, try soldering, not on that pad, since its worth $$, but it may be worth a shot.

Chippermonkey sells presoldered pads btw

it WAS soldered, and i thought that was what was causing it.i changed to qd’s…

this only happened when i sold it at one point, then bought it back from the kid… it was pristine, and i sold it to him for $60, then bought it back for half that. he took the qd’s off and soldered it on, claiming that what’s happening to me had happened to him. i don’t know if he did it, or if it just started acting up, as he had it for about seven months.

I mean on the actual pad, this is the solderless hack right?

To avoid confusions, I would desolder everything, rewire it, then make sure everything is tightly soldered into the pcb, if that fails, change pcbs, if that fails, do a process of elimination on parts and buttons, until it works.

soldering the pad is going to be hard… it’s wired right into the psx cord…

but i’ll see… bleh…

My aim is posted if you run into problems, Ill try to give ya a hand ;).

thx. i wont be home til tomorrow though

No need to go that far. He’s got a PSX pcb in the stick, going to a converter, and playing on a PC. If he’s playing mvc2, its on an emu like nullDC. For playing XvsSF, its prolly on MAME. It works fine in MAME, but not on nullDC.

There’s lotsa reasons to believe everything is working fine except for nullDC. Try different input plugins to see if it helps, but most of all, do NOT change anything in the stick until you try it on a console. Only if you have this problem on the PS2 mvc2 should you even consider cracking the stick open.

sounds like a plan.

i’m buying a dreamcast, but i don’t have a converter… :frowning: