What's a typical day at EVO like?


Me and a friend are thinking of competing at Evo 2014 and I want to know on both the compeitor and spectator sides how it usually goes. Registrations, watching games, the works. What are good hotels and things like that? Thanks in advance.


EVO Registration is online only and registration closes the week before EVO…so make sure you register early.

The BEST hotel to room in is whatever hotel EVO is at…convenient.

If you are competing…make sure you show up on time to your pool and have your stick/controller ready.
If you are spectating…also show up early as seats are gone quickly…especially after pools and during finals day.

Expect the smell of B.O., cigarette smoke…and weed.
Please shower before showing up.

I like how the hotel last year was close to the convenient stores…saved a bunch on junk food.


As far as I know, smoking (anything) isnt allowed at EVO, so you can be sure that it wasnt something encouraged but rather some pricks taking advantage of the situation.


In a word, Hype! The average day at evo generally consists of walking a lot, hence the sweaty smells,
But as for gaming, casuals and money matches are going on everywhere. And you never know who you’ll play (I played against mamespider 2 years ago and didnt even realize it until afterward)
And Grand finals day is epic, i need not explain why.
You should do it man, if not for yourself, do it for the children.


Don’t gamble. Well, if yo do gamble then set a winning and losing limit for the night…