What's baku-canceling?

I’m starting to take up A/K/N groove Joe and I need to know what baku-canceling is. What it is used for and how do I do it?

baku cancel is rc fierce hands (however you want to do it), tap jab+fierce twice

you should get 4 hits, and no recovery animation for the 4th hit

if you do it right you should actually be able to walk up and hit s.rh to combo, there’s that much advantage
–snipped from buktooth’s post in another thread, but should belong here

does it have to be rc?

just the 1st one then baku-cancel link the rest or mix it up however you like

i still dont get it. can someone post a video?

Actually, the jab+fierce can be tapped once, but you have to do it on the second hit of the fierce hands.

Double tapping just helps

You can go to Nestors recent vid to check it out, Tsuji vs Rai

Edit: I was noticing when I was doing whiffed hands… when I double tap jab+fierce, it cancels the hands for faster recovery, I think that’s what it is.

So the requirements are that the hands have to be RCed…? Thats the part that i dont understand the most…

no, it doesn’t have to be rc’ed

I saw the Tsuji vs Rai vid on youtube, and is that what he did to combo Joe’s rush super after hands?

Yes, that and how he linked the RH after FP TNT

So you don’t need to RC it to actually do it, right? Cause in the vid he linked it after a comboed Tnt which couldn’t have been an RC since RC’s can’t be done in combos. I’m going to probably start practicing the baku later, I’ve been using it without knowing what it was. I always just thought it was the timing rather than a button combination. :sweat:



Nice, any frame data you can give? Such as to when you should press jab+fierce, before the fierce comes out, after, or what not?

I don’t have frame data to give, but you should press jab+fierce before the 2nd hit from TNT.

I usually double tap jab+fierce to make sure I get it out. Once you get the timing down, it’s not too hard.

I’ve done it a couple of times but can’t quite get it consistent. Probably just need a bit more practice since when I started out I couldn’t even RC and now I can do it like there’s no tomorrow. :sweat:

I’ll try to upload some videos eventually, but I’ve figured out how to do cr. lk => fp TNT => st. rh

With a non-running groove, you have to link the st. fk late, and you literally walk a step before linking the st. rh

But yeah, you’ll get it down eventually.

Do you mean with a RUNNING groove cause if it were non-running tsuji wouldn’t have been able to do it in that youtube vid. If you did it with C groove then it means it can be used with all grooves, so which groove did you mean?

I use A groove

Guess it’s all grooves then. Post some vids when you can. Overall, with Joe I focused mainly on how fast I can keep RC’ng the Tnt punches. The baku was something that I noticed when I didn’t know how to RC, at first I always rushed my friend throwing as many regular tnt as I could when one time just to try it I did a special while in the punches which actually connected. It only happened about twice and then I learned that an RC makes it come out more often. I still prefer continous RC tnt over this but at least I now have more options. I saw the Tsuji vs Rai vid a few times and I think I wouldn’t of taken as much damage as he did. I noticed he only rc’d a few times, don’t get me wrong he has that baiku down!, but my way of playing consists of rc’ng to get close and rc’ng after blocks and after the opponent blocks. I realized that it adds a little more mind games since Joe’s tnt punches are so quick that it can actually counter someone about to poke you. I tried the same tactic with Honda a few times but it doesn’t matter if you can roll cancel back to back without any recovery, he still gets a major opening for pokes.

kn nowi know you ugys are gonna say im noiob…but what does RC and tnt means, please tell me cause i need to know to understand this tread, cause thats the most common words i see