What's baku-canceling?


I’m starting to take up A/K/N groove Joe and I need to know what baku-canceling is. What it is used for and how do I do it?


It’s when you do the mash punch move and cancel the recovery of it instantly at a certain point in the move.

I haven’t tried with every version of the mash-punch, but I know it works with fierce and what you do is you do the move, then tap punch 4 times. At the last hit of the move after you’ve done exactly that, you recover basically instantly and can combo whatever you want afterwards.


supposedly you can cancel one into another and repeat, but of course its highly unlikely you will pull it off, and even more unlikely in a match. At tops I’ve seen it combo 3 times, its not easy, good luck.


Alright then, I’ll try it out. Thanks a lot


wtf this is some random crazy glitch. is there any more info on it? why does it happen?


I know a couple of characters have mash specials that cancel with PPP/KKK. Chang’s ball can be instant in the same way, but I don’t know if it allows for comboing like Joe’s.