Whats better plexiglass or acrylic?

so i wanna buy one for m te stick (and yeah i know arts hobby makes them but i can’t really afford them so ima try and diy it myself haha) but i was wondering which sheet is easier to cut and which is stronger and which is less prone to scratches etcc.

Plexiglass is Acrylic.

hahahahahah whoops! /thread!

I believe you’re thinking about polycarbonate vs acrylic. In that case, polycarbonate is easier to work with tools but more prone to scratches. Acrylic is slightly harder but more scratch resistant. Bear in mind both will eventually get scratched.

My advice for first time builders; use polycarbonate, get a scrap or two of acrylic to practice. It’s a better cheaper material overall.

In case you cannot find Polycarbonate, it is brand as Lexan also.