Whats Capcom Fighting Evolution like?

Hey id liek to know what the game is like. I see it in the stores but im never sure if i should get it or not.

Personally I really like CFE but I’ll be the first to tell you it’s not for everybody and the game is by no means popular. May I ask what do you look for in Fighting games?

If you like games with huge rosters, great graphics, brand new sprites and don’t care if it’s broken or not skip this game. If you prefer a smaller game where the balance is pretty good with endings for all the characters as opposed to generic ones, Midnight Blisses and Sabaki transformations with a pretty good online experience pick this one up. If your not sure give it a rental. I would recomend picking up SF AC or CVS2 before this game if you don’t have those already for some other system.

I got SF AC…and i love it. Id like something different though. Is this anything like Alpha 3? i was watching some movies and it seemed similar.

This game is not balanced. If you like watching your favorite low tier characters getting raped by high tier red earth characters go for it.

well what other games are there? i want to try a new game so im open for suggestion.

King of fighters 2002/2003
Guilty gear xx#( Not good online)
SvC Chaos (not very good but fun to mess around with with friends when drunk)

Guilty Gear X2 #Reload
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (mainly 3rd Strike)
Capcom vs SNK 2
Marvel vs Capcom 2
King of Fighters 2002/2003 (2003 is nice but 2002 is better)
Capcom Fighting Evolution

CFE is not the best 2D-fighter out there but it’s definitely worth it if you’re hardcore about fighting games. Sure the Darkstalkers characters own the rest of the cast but it’s still a fun game to play.

I think I will buy it iff of eBay super ass cheap because I have heard too much bad about it after really looking forward to it. But I tend to decently like some games that others don’t ala The Bouncer and Chaos Legion, even though both had their major flaws.

True true…What about Capcom vs SNK 2?
PS new AV what do you think?

For CFE the Top Tier characters are Jedah, Karin, Anakaris and Urien. More or less in that order give or take.


Can you parry in this one like 3s? If so that would be so sick.

Only Chun-Li, Urien, Alex, Yun and Shin Akuma can parry.

Great game. Get the PS2 or DC versions if you can because they’re both arcade perfect. The Xbox version has online but it isn’t arcade perfect (RCs are gone, EO crap, etc).

Yes, you can parry but the timing for the parry is a little different than in 3S (at least IMO the timing for the parry in CvS2 & CFE sucks compared to 3S, but that’s just me).

God tier overpowered and specific parriers…wtfbbq

Why in the…why? And reading earlier about the God tier chars makes this game sound even more broken and unbalanced. Glad I waited…

It’s the game’s gimmick, like only SF3 characters can parry, only SFA characters can perform custom combos, only Red Earth characters can perform Level 2 leveling up, etc., etc., etc. Shin Akuma can parry and a lot of other stuff 'cuz he’s the hidden boss.

Well I suppose I’m one of the few who likes CFE. :smile:

Oh and Waggs313 nice avatar. :tup:

Thanks man i was working on it!

thats not just you lol.

but yea, imo- cvs2 is alot better… i enjoyed cfe but didnt last for long… but to tell u the truth, i dont play cvs2 either, I just play it every once in a while to take a break from 3s.

But if you have no ideah what to get, then get what other people around you have… if theres no local compitition, then get cvs2 for xbl.

dont get cfe ever, waste of money. total piece of shit, trust the man from tehran ok?

I also like CFE. It’s a fun game to mess around with every now and then.

lol Jedah, Karin, Anakaris and Urien are no better/worse than Ken, Yun, Chun-Li (3S), ABC (KOF '02) or Sagat, Cammy, Blanka (CvS2). The distinction between high-tier and low-tier isn’t as big as in other games, IMO. Hell, you could even throw Guile in the top tier in CFJ too, if you liked. Or Demitri.

Here’s my guide to understanding CFE:

  1. Take a big dump in the middle of your living room, open all the windows, and go shopping.
  2. Come home a few hours later. Plug a controller into the pile of poop, being careful not to scare away the files.
  3. Pick up the controller, and stare at all the flies zipping around the poop.
  4. Imagine a game that’s about half as fun as sitting around with a controller while flies buzz past a heap of shit. Now you know what it’s like to play CFE.