Whats close to CSULA

I am going to be living in L.A and living very close and attending CSULA after this summer, any arcades close to this area. I have a car so i can drive to places no problem.

Help me!!!

damn, 2 of these threads in 1 day…

AI, Denjin, FFA, Vid94 are all not that far from you

thank you very much for the info.

but which would be the very closest?

Csula has its own arcade. Though I dunno if its open in the summer

The arcade at CSULA should be open in the summer since it’s a quarter system over there, but I’m not sure. AI and Video 94 are the closest spots to CSULA. Whatever you do, don’t go to Commerce Fun Center. Technically, that’s the closest spot to campus, but it’s not going to be worth it. My friends and I are used to crappy machines, so we go there during our break, but to tell you the truth, I’d rather study. So yeah, AI and Video 94.

Oh yeah, if you don’t care about the ghetto, then there’s Family Arcade across the street from LACC between Hollywood and Silver Lake. That’s the place where I played on crappy machines. Hope this info helped.

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if i were you, i’d go to vid, AI, or denjin
close or not close, those are the best ones

ai, super arcade, and vid 94 would be the closest

all 3 are the same distance away

then james games

but the holy grail is a little farther

denjin arcade

but honestly its well worth the trip. level of competition is gdlk