What's everybody using now?

im just getting the internet back after almost a year so im out of sync with the rest of what’s going on with emu’s. which one is everyone using so i can get some comp?




more players on 2df though and its the same as nfba…GGPO from what i hear doesnt have a good netcode but eh thats what i heard

for accuracy’s sake: http://ggpo.net/map/

GGPO has on average ~450 players online with ~75000 accounts.
2DF has on average ~150 players online with ~15000 accounts.

GGPO has the upper hand in netcode. results may vary due to various setups.

bottom line is: try both, use both.
some games are more popular on one client than on the other.

GGPO is miles better for every game except 3S. I can’t go and play Japanese with 230ms with 1 frame of delay on 2DF.

well you got me there lol

i just based what i said off of what i heard…besides i find it better for 3s at least…just my opinion

ggpo better for fighting games 2df better for everything else.

sweet thanks guys. im excited to play against everyone again… see yall on the interweb