What's going on at Capcom?


Why in the hell would you obviously give the game such a short dev cycle that the devs can’t even polish their game properly? Nuggets of good ideas are there but it’s hampered because the game is super rushed.

Who the fuck thought that showing that chun li model on the E3 MAIN STAGE would be a good idea?

Who the fuck thought that locking characters behind a dlc paywall on a game with clearly 0 budget was a good idea? Really need to mke up the 10$ you used to make this fucking game eh capcom?

Who thought that tarnishing your own name like this over and over and over again would be a good idea. Seriously, this isn’t even corproate scumbaggerry. This is straight up retarded business. You are giving people every reason to stop giving you money. I understand that maybe you lose a lot on big budget titles like MvC3 and SFxT, but that was for other reasons not because the games themselves are not profitable expenditures.

Every single capcom game since SF4 has had negative press surrounding the release because Capcom always picks the most, the MOST retarded thing to do and are surprised when there is backlash. They run the risk of us never even getting another MvC game again because they were SOOO fucking stupid with this one.

Who’s gonna buy this game looking like this? Playing like this? The company feeling about us they way they do? I heard lupinko said that capcom japan doesn’t even want to fund fighting games anymore. Your fighting games are your CULTURAL FUCKING STAPLES YOU IDIOTS. Even if they don’t sell well, vast numbers of people will be aware of their problems and they will reflect back on you. Its like you refuse to block low even though you keep getting your legs clipped. Eventually this will spill over into your other properties, and the bad press you got here will kill those games as well.

In what universe is it good business to contually tarish the goodwill of your fanbase that loves your games?
In what universe is it good business to hire someone as PR that openly has contempt for fans?
In what universe it it good business to make it look like you as a company don’t care anymore? I thought this shit was your livelihood? Do you have to go broke for you to understand?

Capcom has

[] Shortened the dev cycle to where the devs can’t even fully polish their own game
] cut of their budget to near nothingness
[*] allowed them, no, made it necessary that the devs EMBARASS themselves on the mainstage on e3. You think any self respecting Developer wants to show that as their work? This is definitely a corporate decision.

Fuck how shitty their decisions are but I don’t even see an endgame. Wheres this endless profit gooing to come from. Wheres the people Capcom knows are going to buy the game? ( btw @“po pimpus” , @“DevilJin 01”, @d3v and @Hawkingbird don’t count, that’s THREE niggas. There is no shill army on this forum dude.)

So deadass. What the fuck capcom. Is this where we are right now?


Very disappointed with Capcom. The fact that they expect 2 millions sells from this is laughable. I legit defended this game all throughout when there was very little to go on. After seeing that the renders looked like a bunch of meth addicts, saw that the game obviously has no official artwork, the fact that favs (Sigma and BP) were held out for DLC, and just the overall emptiness I got from the game, there’s no way anyone can look at this as quality. I may like the gameplay, but that’s really not the point here.

This shit is a disgrace. Presentation matters. That seems to be lost on Capcom.

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That was just me making fun of their PR.


Capcom is a pretty big company.
They develop/produce a lot of titles.

It seems they cruised for a bit too long and they’re trying to play catch up now with some of their IPs.

I think they need some new blood.
Look at Nintendo.
Splatoon was mostly a game made by their new crew. new being relative, they’re not young dudes, but they’ve basically been apprenticing under the old heads.
First new IP in more than a decade, system seller.
ARMS, new IP. Dev team is mostly guys who have worked in less critical positions on other games, notably MK8.
I think Twintelle is probably the first ‘sexy’ character Nintendo has ever designed. That’s actually really remarkable and shows a big change in thinking.

Nintendo seems to understand more who their fans are now. Capcom doesn’t seem confident.
They don’t seem to trust their appraisal of foreign markets.

Looking at SF5… they seem to have just taken guys from the USF4 team. Instead of pushing for some new thought, new perspectives.
There are flashes of creativity and exciting ideas in 5. But the total package is a bit of a mess.
Aside from combofiend. Which I think is actually a great addition for Capcom since he can help them understand the western fighting game player perspective.
I know many want to demonize him but I think that’s naive.

I think mvci falls into a similar spot. a game made for the west, but lacking the confidence of what western players want.
combofiend is definitely there to help guide them but i very much doubt he has enough authority to alter the schedule.


when has a vs series game not been rushed? they just had better style about it before is all


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At least its pretty comic book Gamora and not ghetta Zoe Saldana gamora


I ask the following questions:

  1. Do you know the date that this build comes from?

  2. Do you know how old or new the assets are contained in this build?

  3. Do you know what methods they implemented into the demo to ensure a steady gameplay demo experience?

If the answer is no to all three then I’m not surprised. Often companies during development will have performance issues; frame rates, slowdown, that sort of thing. To prevent these things from showing and in order to provide a smooth experience, they will cut back on things like anti aliasing or shaders to allow the gameplay to be as stable as possible while the graphics sit on the side line until they optimise the game and can balance everything out. Complaining about the graphics on this demo is nonsensical. Look at the Rocket Raccoon and Dante part specifically, look at how many individual hairs and whiskers Rocket Raccoon has, they’re all jaggied because there’s minimal anti aliasing, and Dante looks like ass beause some of the effects in his specials cover the entire screen. All of this is relevant to making sure that the demo plays as smoothly as possible; plays, not looks.

Personaly I think the game looks stunning, I love all the colours and particle effects, and I forgive the fact that the models look sloppy in the demo. I’m expecting a downgrade in graphics because to me it looks like they’ve aimed too high and that they couldn’t at this time have both smoothing filters and steady frame rates at the same time for the demo. For a proper look at the graphics, go into HUD adjustment in options and hold triangle, you can see clearly the lack of anti aliasing especially on Ryu’s model. The graphics aren’t bad, they’re incomplete, so stop raging so much like this is actually the finished product.


I think Capcom is desperate for money and theyre trying to get shit out ASAP.

Contrasting with Nintendo, a company that has had ups and downs, they are a bigger japanese name that still pays attention to reality, even if they stumble here and there. The fact that they never went the way that Sega did means that its at least theoretically possible that large japanese developers dont need to be completely brain dead.

Ive heard several times that Capcom Japan doesnt really want to do anything with SF anymore, and that shows they dont pay attention to reality. sf4 was a huge thing. Capcom just doesnt make any sense and unfortunately harsh lessons usually work the best, I dont think people should buy anything from them unless they actually like what they see. Dont get into that fanboy/support capcom no matter what mindset.


People are saying that DBFZ is more polished right now than MVCI.

DBFZ is slated for release sometime in 2018. Marvel is coming out on September 19 of this year.

It doesn’t matter what the date is on the build when a title that could quite possibly be launched a year from yours looks and plays better than your title that’s due out in 3 months plus a week.

And that’s what’s alarming.


It does matter. Let’s say for example the engine for this build comes from 01/01/17, let’s then say the current engine they’ve got as of this date is incomplete and not ready for a demo, they then have to revert back to an earlier version of the engine and make some compromises to make it playable and stable, such as removing anti aliasing and making the game not look as good as it actually does.



MVC:I was announced in December, it’s June. They would not be going with a 1/1/17 build, that’s lunacy.

DBFZ was announced in June, and just showed a playable build. I know it’s speculation when they started development, but let’s take for instance that it was developed sometime around or after Infinite was announced. That becomes an issue because regardless of the build time, the game is coming out sooner and is less polished.

Even if DBFZ was development was started 5 years ago, and Infinite was started last year, it doesn’t matter because Infinite is far less polished than DBFZ and comes out before it. When your game is far less impressive than a game that targets the same audience and comes out sooner, that’s a problem because people are going to be turned off and wait for the more polished title. That’s pretty much game set and match on that one.

It’s even more damning if development for DBFZ started AFTER Infinite, and this is what Infinite has to show.


It’s not lunacy, it’s just an example. The point being made was that their current working engine (which by all means could look fantastic) might not have been fit for demo purposes, so they reverted back to an older one that was working so they could roll the demo out. It could be something as simple that said build had frame rate issues and they unfortunately had to drop the filters so players got a true gameplay experience, as opposed to a true visual experience.


They honestly don’t have much time to do anything with 3 months to go. Don’t think corporate is gonna budge on the release date. We’ll see if Ono has any magic. Other than that the bad game releases on the 19th.


Now we have people making alternate accounts to defend this pos, lmao.


pretty sure that’s combofiend