What's going on with Tekken 6?


Ever since like, wednesday of last week, without fail, every day, 95% of online matches are against Law players, with Lei and Nina making up the rest. What’s going on here?


It’s been pretty diverse for me. The only increase that I’ve seen is with Devil Jin and Steve Fox players. It’s odd that I haven’t played a good Brian Fury in a while. I actually played a good Dragunov the other day…first for me, I’m not very experienced on a competitive level.


They saw the latest episode of Level Up Your Game…

High amounts of Law does not surprise me, but Lei and Nina are amongst the most technical characters in the game, imo, so it’s not expected to see many of them.

The real question is: did they know what they were doing? If so, THEN we have a phenomenon.


are low attacks and throws still banned? #lololtekkenonline


is there a reason why this game ended up in the clearance section for $5 at The Source and $1 at Wal-Mart?


lol one time I played an Asuka player who could parry all my lows and just kept using her high parry thing. So I caught on to it and just baited out the high parry thing and countered with back to back grabs. He started saying that I was being cheap,scared, and Americans suck. I’m not the greatest Tekken player in the world but even I can see that was an opening. I don’t think he even realized that he can break the grabs, because I was just using 1 + 3. :confused: