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Well, as you guys can pretty much guess, I’m a Ryu player. Ryu is my favorite Street Fighter, favorite character in most games, and odviously the one I play better the most. So my fellow Ryu players, I’m here wondering, why almost nobody uses Ryu? I mean for every 20 Ken/Chuns players I hear about theres like one Ryu player. I mean people be liking them for the same old they-are-top-tiers excuse. Still, its not like Ryu is a bad character to play with (I’m trying to say it from an unbiased point of view). I mean, he may not be a top tier in Third Strike but he is still fun and good to play with if you know how to use him. So tell me your opinions about this and let talk about it.

Ken is pretty much Ryubut better. They’re similar enough so that you can use almost the same play style with the better character.

Meanwhile, characters that are, arguably, lower tier than Ryu (like Alex, Ibuki, Hugo, Q, and others) have unique move sets.

Ken isn’t as slow as ryu and he has a lot of damaging combos. Mp, hp, dp p does a lot of damage for such a simple move and if ryu is pressured in the corner it’s gonna be pretty hard to do anything. He’s not as fun to use because his supers are pretty boring but I use him sometimes. He can’t compare to ken though.

ken isn’t faster than ryu… ken just has different and more useful moves than ryu does… thus making ken a more rushdown character than ryu thus makes ken LOOK faster

Yea, Ken isn’t “faster” in the sense he can walk faster than Ryu, but he is “faster” with his SRK(lp srk recovers so quick its disgusting), EX Hurricane recovers quickly, his overheads come down pretty quickly, etc.

Ryu’s overhead is actually a lot faster than Ken’s

oppinion about ryu? he is STRONG.

I use shin. parry > shin. short short shin. those are the setups. i use ryu as 2nd main. even though i know how to do everything with ken i still prefer ryu. why? he has something that ken lacks, enjoyment.

a combo i’ve been using more and more is fp > ex geri > ex tatsu > [ex]srk. sure its a waste but its cool and the damage is good. close st.mk is awesome. so is f+mp.

with ryu i try to take it easy and when i see an opening then go for it. when i have a shin bar ready it is all about pressure and cr.shorts. on some you can confirm shin with close st.mk. there is more to ryu than ppl might think. hopefully ill have the new capturecard ready and put up some movies on ryu among the other characters i play.

with shin, train your opponent to tech throw… after that… on a wake up do a c. short, walk back a little watch em whiff a throw, c.mk, shin… owned

Denjin Ryu is great, not his easier “version” to play but mad fun and mad effective

I didn’t say he walked or dashed faster, I just said he was fast.

i’d actually say that playing with denjin is easier then playing with shin… when playing good ppl landing a shin from a cr.mk is just out of question. It not something one should count with, its just a bonus for the shin-player cause the other guy made a mistake and so on. denjin can basiclly be activated whenever, wherever although if the setups(which all, if you ask me sucks cause ppl here parry them while eating breakfest and listening to KENT or something) are good and right you will get a huge reward for using it. i like denjin a lot but the more and more ive played ryu the more and more ive come to the conclusion that shin is his best super. shin doesnt have the priority it now have for nothing.

however i am really impressed by that american guy playing denjin. :slight_smile:

u mean Frankie 3S

You hit the nail on the head for me there co-sign that :dp: :p:

Well, one good thing about Ryu is that he has three good super arts. I mean one might be better that the other (you know, some people prefer Shinku Hadoken, others Shin Shoryuken, and others Denjin), but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that from what I heard, Ryu players use all three. As for Ken and Chun players, I heard all they be using is the SA III for Ken and SA II for Chun (remember this is from what I heard and seen in my time in this forum so far). So if that true, doesn’t that get boring? I heard Ken players saying that anything Ryu does doesn’t compare to Ken (funlike) and that Ken’s flashiness overshadows Ryu and that Ken is always the one to get the cool upgrades. Ok, if that true then, then whay is Ryu the one that got a new special (Axe Blade Kick) and a new super (Denjin hadoken)? Then why is the Denjin considered by some as one of the coolest supers? And remember that Ryu had two Denjins in Second Impact and some people say that Capcom removed one because them Idiots considered the Denjin too good. And ken an Chun have the same supers and specials I remember they had in most games. So, what do all you think about this?

its personal taste… its like I like the FD better then an FD spirit… they are almost the same car but slightly different…

even tho I prefer ryu becuz he has more impact then ken has… and the axe kick… gotta luv it

thats a good point and i agree with everything u say :clap: and also Denjin kicks ass :karate:

if ryu had 2 stock sa3’s he probably be top

2 stock sa3’s!!! that’s will be XTREME!! Ryu will be GOD then!! Personally I choose Ryu over than Ken 'couse i tired to see macht Ken vs Ken and both used SA3…and in the last torney that I entry, I win whit Ryu jijii

Georgia switched to Ken for SBO3 surprising, maybe because he thought he would have a better chance? Least Ruu, MMM and Pot are still there to carry the Ryu tradition.

Don’t forget Frankie3s Denjin Ryu