What's going oooonnnnn? Has anyone else experienced this?


I was playing one of my friends in Third Strike online and Akuma sounded like freaking KEN. His Hadouken sounded like he was uploaded with sound files files for Ken that were left out of the game. Also his air Hadouken was blue while the rest were purple as usual. This isn’t the first time this has happened. My buddy I was fighting said he heard it too. Has anyone else experienced this???


3SOE has a lot of glitches like that. I’ve never experienced them but plenty of dudes on here have seen them and documented them. Things like the palette on the characters getting reversed and Urien having Gill’s color pattern. We all thought this meant color palette DLC was already in the game but nope. Would’ve been a cool idea if Urien had Gill-style colors in those DLC packs but nope…


Akuma just wanted to be a better shoto

Can’t blame him really


Igloo asking for Gouki whoopins in the near future.

Arcade cab, one setup in the place, version Ryu was hilarious. Screaming for EX joudan and fierces just doing hadokens with a replaced voice sample.

Not making this up, my witness is NGMarc who also laughed, while destroying me and it didn’t distract him at all why my Ryu was doing this on the machine.

Wish OE would make the EX sound effect on those regular Hadokens you know were EX moves that were dropped thru the online play.

It may be too late to even ask Iron Galaxy politely in E-Mails about another glitch of which they ‘haven’t heard of that, We can throw it to the team to check it out.’


The patch is in QA at Capcom, out of IG’s hands, so unless it fails their in-house tests, the patch will be “as is” when it’s released.

Honestly though, if the netcode improvement makes it even half as amazing as DSR’s, I’ll be playing OE online again for sure. DSR’s netcode is magic, I swear it. Played a few 200+ pings with 0 GGPO delay and didn’t feel a thing, though I’m certainly not as familiar with it as I am with OE, so maybe the slight “pop-ins” annoy veterans. We’ll see, but damn I’m looking forward to the patch now!

Also, DSR has TWO input display options in training mode!!!.. I doubt either will be implemented into OE, but one can hope…


Pretty sure 3rd Strike rollback is more noticeable because of the sheer amount of animation frames, but yeah Darkstalkers netcode is pretty godlike


that makes me pretty skeptical of that explanation that we couldn’t get input display because it was proprietary to Namco. wtf is the deal?


They have original graphics as an option too. It’s whatever.


Where is that option? The character select screen is still “improved” for me, but while playing a match it’s defaulted to arcade style I believe.

EDIT: Wow, I’m so dense sometimes, I figured the high resolution setting in the options would only affect the text… I couldn’t notice a difference on my CRT, so I left it on… hahaha

ON - (OFF)

VS is a much faster game than 3S, so I would’ve assume the jumpiness would be more apparent, but it isn’t. Also, I haven’t felt a single dropped input so far with the online, the only match I played that had some rollback only occurred for about 10-15 seconds, then returned to that buttery smooth gameplay.

The worst game, lag-wise I’ve had in DSR was better, lag-wise than my best on OE.

Godlike indeed!


This is because DSR is based on the PS2 collection. PS2 has the same exact input display. The only thing I can glean from this (and what IG has said in the past) is that someone patented an input display script, and it was never licensed for 3s. IG/Capcom didn’t want to pay for a new license and so we will continue to suffer.


maybe I’m not remembering things correctly, but that answer was presented very much in a “its just not possible” type of tone instead of a “its not in the budget”

just makes me mad that all the dev effort was squandered on silly facelifts for the HUD and in general ugly aesthetic changes. its a joke for a training mode these days not to have input display when hacked add on tools for ROM’s have it.

ps. do these licenses just last forever? that PS2 collection is almost a decade old.


even with their improved netcode I don’t think we should expect amazing things on OE. it’s still hard to play if you add GGPO delay and it’ll probably still drop startup frames on 0 delay (which is why Dudley full screen MGB, Alex full screen EX elbow, and Urien full screen tackle are so often used online).

3s seems hard to ever make play correctly online compared to other games. just my opinion.

but yeah the Vampire port has a couple things they said were impossible for 3s. makes me wonder if they weren’t as impossible as they said. or maybe Capcom just hates 3s and they’ll give old character portraits and backgrounds for Vampire games but want us to stick with that ugly silver thing in OE.


Capcom is a shitty company, more at 11.


Yes, that’s what they said. However, it “not being possible” is impossible.


Regarding inputs, I believe it’s more like “damn, we forgot to put that option in, but it’s too late now so not worth it” kind of thing.

Iron Galaxy seems really great and on top of their shit. That’s cool they listened to our feedback and applied it to Vampire. Sucks 3soe doesn’t get it, but that’s kinda the way the cookie crumbles.


Forgot where I read before but it came up again somewhere else too lately

GGPO of course works better on almost every CPS2 game

But the details pertaining to 3s are it saves/reads the gamestate every frame, or something like that. A lot of unnecessary information has to be read->passed thru to GGPO->over the Internet, etc.

Of course the coding people will have more knowledge that us laymens don’t, so that’s the other side to remember and go look up. Thanks again for even voicing that the community is reasonable and not just like every Capcom forum (which the negative shit is loudest so they’ll just ignore even if it was true) to those guys Ryan.


The highest Japan business mens don’t get fired, don’t understand games. Keiji Inafune interviews not just right before he left but right after Street Fighter 4.

Name a not shitty game company.

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