What's going to (and what should) happen with SSFIV:AE PC version when GFWL dies in June?


So someone told me recently that when GFWL is shut off at the end of this month that the PC version of AE will no longer have an online mode (i.e., because it’s all currently done through GFWL). Seems a bit drastic to me so I doubt they would do that, but does anyone know if it’s true?


ask combofiend on twitters… nobody knows at this point


It’s supposed to go to steamworks, but we have no detail about that yet.


Pretty sure we are ass out until USF4 drops in august which will run on steamworks instead of GFWL


Almost every other game using GFWL was patched to Steamworks a while ago. I expect Capcom doesn’t want to spend money moving to Steam, so they’re waiting for someone to approach them or something. I can’t think of another reason why they wouldn’t have made a move already. There’s always a reason why a company would keep potential customers in the dark. What they should be doing is allowing GFWL keys to be converted into Steam keys, and then moving the current game over to Steamworks. What I fear might happen is that we’ll have nothing for a couple of months, and those of us with retail keys will be told to buy a brand new copy of USF4. If it costs Capcom anything more than $0 to go the first route, we’ll probably get the nasty alternative… Almost can’t blame them - they are very obviously short on money at the moment.


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Oh, you wanted a serious answer. Steam apparently.


If they do that, that’s just disgraceful. I mean there are still lots of people who play it so shutting it down is bad enough, but leaving us without the option of buying USF4 for several months as well? That’s even worse. If they’re gonna be dicks they should at least give PC the same release date as console.

But then again I shouldn’t be surprised because this is Capcom and if there’s a way for them to squeeze a bit of money out of the fans for minimal effort (even if it does damage in the long run), they’ve proven they’ll do it.


What if someone bought AE on amazon instead of steam?
Will the game(USF4) be recognized as an update by the amazon version of AE?

“Ultra Street Fighter IV will first be released to Japanese arcades via the NESICA system. Those who already own Super Street Fighter IV or Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition can buy the game as an add-on for $14.99. It will later be released as a standalone game for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 for $39.99, and for PC for $29.99.[2] The game/add-on will be released in June 2014.”


^^ I don’t think that’ll make a difference. You’ll likely get a key that activates the Steam client in-box.

From what I’ve been reading on Steam, Capcom is supposed to patch AE before Ultra gets released.


I guess, you’ll be forced to buy/upgrade to USF4 if you want online play.

SF4 and SF4:AE will cease support on Windows PC at least and possibly on consoles as well later on.


I’m leaning towards forced Ultra upgrade if you want to play, despite what Capcom says.


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Can someone ask Combo on Twitter (I don’t have an account)?


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This line was just added: Added this app to a package Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition GFWL Redemption

So, this means Capcom will let you redeem your non-Steam versions of AE on Steam.


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