What's good BlackxxxMamba!? Perfect Legend wants a GMC with you...!

What’s good son!?

I hear that you have been talking some noise about how you supposedly beasted on Carl and ducking him on a Grand Master Challenge that he has wanted to do for a few months.

I am acting on the behalf of Carl and he has had enough of your weak shit. He thinks you are weak and nothing but parlor tricks, and a Judas to the DoAC community. You never beasted on Carl; beating him a weak format (CGS) and barely scrapping by at DoW does not count as domination. You want to be recognized, start winning more and winning decisively. Stop being a chump, bet that money, and play Carl. A real champion never backs down from a challenge and if are not shaping up to be one.

He has explicitly stated to me many times that he wants this to go down.

His conditions are:

First to seven games.
His Gen Fu vs. your Helena
This will take place at Evo Worlds!!!

Yes, you read correctly, this is going to take place at Evo Worlds. I have info that says DoA will be at Evo Worlds this year. It is a matter of time before it is told officially.

How much you guys will be playing for will be figured out at a later date.

I want to see everybody bet big on this. If Carl needs some money, I will willing to front him $100 and probably a little bit more if this blows up. People who want to back Mamba on this need to step up and bet that money. Many big names from the SRK, TZ, and VF community will be backing Carl in this.

whats doa?

yes sir… a dallas original Grand Master Challenge!!!

I have met both of these guys and they are both cool w/ me… but I love ish like this… it’ll be a “mighty good tussle”… all I know is… whoever loses has to put on the trash bag like we do here in the D!.. and it will be on film!

  • I.C.E.

P.S. :::don king voice::: Only in America!

P.P.S. Why is this on srk and not doac?

Because it would be locked with quickness.

That man mamba saying im “hiding” from tournaments yet this man hides from a straight up challenge or loses his sense of talking and just freezes.

Hes all talk never puts money where his mouth is and just hides behind his sea of dick riders to fight for him.

This guy lost to 3 different people at one tournament. Swoozie, King, Dave Cheppelle . Talk about trash. I’ve never seen someone place all over 1-8

  • Most inconsistent placer ever cause of gimmicks and he actually believes his shit is solid.

Scared to play anyone for money. And he never gives a answer nigga just says maybe. I didn’t send your ass a piece of paper saying “do you like me circle yes, no, or maybe” nigga its yes or no question. Are you a weak as bitch or are you a man.

Been trying to play this guy for 6 months and hes afraid cause he knows he will get raped.

I don’t know but I think this song says what this man is. [media=youtube]Z5cQrzskqW0[/media]

PL got this…son


Are you kidding me Carl? Here’s the thing with you Carl, you act like the biggest baby whenever you lose. Nothing but trash talking and excuses comes out every time you lose. What the hell is your problem? I give you so much credit when people rag on you, I know your skill and I respect that, I have your back.

But then all I hear from people is about how much you are shitting on my skills? Show some damn respect because it just sounds retarded to call anyone trash after losing to them.

This is getting stupid. I have nothing to prove to you. Get off your High Horse.

Why limit the characters you guys use?? Just do ft7 and use whoever you want, that’d be more interesting…maybe

Way to contradict yourself Mr. “CGS is a weak format and doesn’t count.” Because that is the only time I lost to them was in that weak ass tournament.

And the lowest I ever placed in a DOA tournament was 5th, so you can calm that down.

I don’t need to be a “Real Champion”, I just need to win.

How can anyone considered CGS as anything more than a joke. . .

You definately counted that shit yestarday when we talked though didn’t you?

Get out of here.

If you scary then just say you scary.

Jeremy, Carl…just settle it with a big ass money match at evo. Put like $1,000 on the line, and life will be good.

ohhhh damnnnn, i wanna see this happen

Coming from someone who made nothing but excuses after losing to me. You seem pretty bitchy over something that didn’t count right? That is the only reason I brought that tournament up because you were bitching and talking shit.

Isn’t a “Parlor Trick” something that only works once? I don’t use Parlor Tricks. Sorry.

I don’t get it, nothing but respect goes out to you from me. Where’s the beef? What are you so mad about? lol

I got $100 on my man BlackxxxMamba.

This should be fun to watch.

im sorry but the line is now old and weak, please use something original

ps. whats doa

My money’s on mamba. Hell i’ll fly to evo just to see the match.

For DoA dudes, this is EXM.

Carl, nobody even knows if Jeremy will be able to go to EVO finals. I know your pissed cause DoA ain’t working out for you but you need to take a chill pill dude.

Black Mamba doesn’t even really have beef with you. Dude just plays the game and doesn’t even talk trash. So what if jared and mamba are bragging about cgs sponsorship (if they did) I would too if I had any extra 30 grand added to my yearly salary.

Carl, you need to go back and just chill out for a bit and meditate on what you want to do with DoA and what you want to do for Empire Arcadia. Massive like Sanford vs. Duc mm’s just CANNOT be replicated in tiny obscure communities like doa.

Honestly, you will either need to concede CGS/WCG’s grip hold on the market for doa and play in them or just play in other smaller tournaments only (like UGS) AND STOP POSTING SO MUCH SHIT.

Or do what I did, quit doa and play something worth your time. It’s obvious you are not happy with doa and you probably aren’t happy playing doa. Play a game that you can be happy with and leave dudes alone.

“What’s doa?”

-quote of this thread

What’s DOA guys??