What's Good For Cleaning A Stick?

Hey guys, I must sound like a complete retard here, but I have really greasy fingers. I wash my hands! I Swear it. I’m Italian though, so I’m just a greasy guy. Anywho, My stick gets really dirty. Stupid question I know, but what should I use to clean it off after a play session?

I have a TE madcatz SF4 stick, if it helps, and I am unsure if I should use my surface cleaner stuff on it. Don’t want to use a solution that could make it malfunction or cause the surface plate to crack.

Apologies if this has been done over 100 times and I missed it. I didn’t see anything when I thread searched (I’m a thread searching retard.)

Any solvents will remove the finish off of the buttons and joystick, and possibly damage parts if it seeps into them.

Spray polishes such as instrument polish or spray detailer work great. spray on a cloth and wipe off the TE.

use windex… works wonders and its safe for the finish

ive been using an anti static keyboard/monitor cleaner i grabbed from work. works great

has anyone used lens cleaner and micro cloth? I would imagine that would work.

It’s pricey and definitely not meant for the purposes you’re intending, but Goo Gone does wonders for freaknig EVERYTHING. My god, I use that stuff for everything now! It removed all the oil off of my Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 SA’s metal control panel and even removed some of the “dust cover ghost ring” that appears around the joystick after prolonged use. HIGHLY recommended, though again, a bit pricey.

For grimy buttons, I recommend a bowl of warm water, dish washing soap, and an old tooth brush.

Take the buttons apart, let the plunger and shell (not the microswitches) soak for a while, then scrub them with the toothbrush. Rinse with water, dry, and reassemble.

I’ve never had to clean a joystick…

Tried that the other day and want to pick one up now. Works great, no liquids to worry about

yeah the top of a TE really collects the figer prints! I just use a dvd cleaning cloth, no liquid or anything. a tiny amount of dilluted window cleaner or cillit bang on a soft cloth would be fine I think…

I use a microfiber cloth (those blue ones) and the same water I use to wipe off my tv. Works wonders. I also recommend, just using a microfiber cloth and wipe down your stick after every use.

Don’t use windex. I used to use windex on my TE before I modified it with a plexi cover and the windex seeped through the bezel and rusted the whole bottom part of the control panel metal plate.

What I do now is just use a small hand towel and wipe it down completely till all the oils are off the plexi and surface.

I might invest in some of that monitor cleaner stuff though, sounds legit.

I just use a slightly damp paper towel to wipe it down.

Would you happen to know any places that sell this micro fiber cloth? I’m thinking a place like OfficeMax and the likes might have that. Definitely will run to one tomorrow if they sell them there.

I use a cloth rag to clean my arcade stick but it leaves a bunch of lint behind, pretty annoying.

You can find microfiber towels in car cleaning section.
Like at Target or Pep Boys, you know.

well yea… if you spray the windex directly onto the stick, you’re gonna have trouble

same goes for any liquid

windex is perfectly fine… as with any cleaner or liquid, spray it on the rag then use the rag to clean.

Do you guys know if using lemon oil would be ok? I use it for my guitar, was wondering if it could be used for my arcade sticks (have SE and HRAP 3).

I use those Plasma/LCD TV cleaning kits with a microfiber cloth. Works perfect.

As far as lemon oil, that sounds like a bad idea, at least IMO. I would think the buttons would get greasy with that. If you have a custom wooden case I think it would be okay for the wooden areas. I’m not sure if lemon oil would ruin artwork or something. Better to just use slightly soapy water and finish it with warm water and a cloth if you don’t have anything else.

I got my first Microfiber cloth with this Monster LCD Cleaning Kit from Best Buy. Waste of money - my friend bought a huge stack of clothes from somewhere I can’t remember the name. But here…


lemon oil is quite greasy, which defeats the purpose of cleaning the stick. It’ll also clog your buttons up.

Micro cloth ftw.