Whats good or bad about O.Ken?

Old Sagat is pretty much the only old character worth playing. Old Ken and Old Guile have a few advantages over their new counterparts, but overall the new versions are definitely better.

–NKI 17:16, 11 April 2006 (CDT)

could someone tell me why!? …

I like to use O.Ken cuz he’s fast and easy to do combos with and does not
have that weird kick that new ken has

so whats bad about O.Ken??

also i would like to know what Tier would he be in??

i think he’s a good character…good enough to be in the highest tier <- thats my opinion but not sure if he really is…

This was discussed in another thread (can’t remember witch one, but do a search).


O.Ken :

Better Shoryuken - fully invincible on the way up
Better Hadoken recovery - marginally.


Super Combo
Tick throw traps (can be a huge factor in game play)
Better cross-up
st. Rh (above average poke)
Funky kicks (has some high% dizzy combos with them)

IIRC. The general consensus among players is that N.Ken has a well rounded game, and has many avenues of attack and strategy. Where O.Ken has some advantages in his hadoken/shoryuken traps, he lacks the overall gameplay depth and adaptablity that N.Ken has.

There are others who may be able to give you better answers. Jchensor, NKI, and etc. But, I think this will at least shed a little bit of light on the topic for you.

Hope it helps.

Also, I don’t think it’s really fair to say that O Sagat is the only Old version worth playing. O Ken is good; he’s not top tier, but he’s good. He and N Ken play a little differently, N Ken is trickier and can play in different ways and O Ken depends more on fireballing, trapping, and zoning. N Ken is definitely better in some matchups, but in others O Ken has an advantage. O Guile also has an advantage over N Guile in a couple matchups.

Lots of people think O Hawk is at least as good (not as bad?) as N Hawk because some of his normals are better, his jumping attacks are better, and his dragon punch has more invincibility; the only ways he’s worse are in that he has no super and can’t tech throws. I mean, serious people use the Old versions of just about every character but Blanka, Claw, and Dictator. O Cammy, Deejay, Boxer, Dhalsim, and Zangief are rare, but some people do use them and they are usable.

I use the old versions of Claw and Dictator…

IMO, O.Ken has nothing on N.Ken. :slight_smile: But that’s just my preference. N.Ken’s mixup is too good, and that Kick Throw is broken beyond all reason. One Kick Throw can = a win. O.Ken doesn’t have anything like that.

And also, fatboy, you have it backwards. O.Ken cannot tech any throws but you CAN tech HIS throws. It’s only in AE where O.Ken’s throws cannot be teched.

There are definite reasons to use other old characters. O.Dhalsim if you hate his controllable limbs. O.Zangief if you hate his stupid Green Hand code and hopping standing punches. O.Fei Long for fun buffers and nasty-ass combos. I’ve also seen O.Guile players for those who like having backfist and standing Roundhouse at holding back. But there are definitely characters you should never use as old version, like Cammy. :slight_smile:

thank you for your answers!

it really helped a lot :china:

Fixed. Thanks! :china: