Whats happned to darkstalkers?!?

i’ve been dying to read the next issue when is it finally coming out?!?

It’s been out for some time now, I got Issue 1-4 and so far it’s good. Donovan is cool!

yes, i have four aswell but its taken a long time for the next issue to come out.

thats how Udon does things. they do a couple issues with one artist, then they get someone to fill in for another few issues, then they stop for a month or two. its happened a couple times with sf (which is now on its third hiatus, IIRC), should happen regularly with DS too.

i wonder what would happen if they actually did 24 pages of main story, like everybody else.

Anyone else remember the schedules of J.Scott Campbell’s Danger Girl or Joe Maduriera’s Battle Chasers?

Be glad the schedules of these comics arent like those, although I guess UDON could go about all this better if they had planned ahead better.

For instance did they really need to pull Alvin off SF for DS? Im pretty sure there are other artists out there that couldve launched DS, and Im sure they could’ve found someone who draws like Alvin.

And if the samething that happend with SF is happening to DS, then that means Alvin will be starting the RS comic series.

For the record - DS 4 ships March 16, which is one month ago. And I believe DS has been picked up and might ship this comng week, if not the week after… unless there is some transit problems between the printer and Diamond that delays it.

I am sure that DS 5 is printed coz I know we will be getting our Paradise exclusive this coming week.

So, no, we have never stopped DS for a month or two.

SF, we did, but we have already given a full explanation why it is the case (Summer Special + Capcom Fighting Jam).

got the DS #4 - great Victor storyline… i love it, thanks udoneko!

Issue #5 is scheduled for next Wed. April 27th according to Diamond.

You can all stop worrying now.

Thanks for the info Apathy-Inc.