What's in the world of speakers

So I’ve been using these super old Altec Lansing speakers for quite some time and I couldn’t fix the power button on them this weekend. I also have a cheap pair of Logitech R-10 speakers (9 or 10 dollars worth) which I bought around the beginning of January.

Now these Logitech ones are hot garbage. I expected them to be better than my out-dated Altec speakers, but I was wrong. They’re worse sounding, flimsy, and have a short power cord (about 3 feet long at most). The Altec speakers were really good despite being old. I bought the Logitech ones going off of reviews on buy.com since everyone was praising them. I’ve read reviews on other pairs of speakers and it’s pretty much the same deal.

So rather than making the same mistake again, I was hoping if anyone could give me some help on what would are some good choices. I don’t have a subwoofer and I don’t mind if I did or didn’t have one. Also, I use my speakers to watch TV shows, listen to music (such as R&B, video game, some rap), and gaming. The biggest one I’m concerned with is music since I’m aiming for high quality. I have 2 pics of the old ones that are now busted, plus a link for the R-10’s.


What is your budget? Are you looking for PC speakers or ones that you will connect to a receiver?

Something I can plug into the audio jack of my laptop. I have a 2-way splitter so I’ll still be using the Logitech speakers at the same time. At most, spending $50 would be ideal, but I would consider something around 70-80.

I don’t know much about speakers but I recall having read on multiple occasions that Altec Lansing is generally acclaimed by audiophiles, while Logitech is considered to be just another brand on the market.

  • Audiophiles don’t look at either of those brands. :wink:

If your price range is between $50-$80, I doubt you’re going to find a significant difference between brands when it comes to PC speakers. I have both Altec Lansing and Logitech speakers for my PC and they are both simply OK.

But then again, I’m comparing it to my movie/music setup of Paradigm Studio speakers and a SVS subwoofer.


Those seem to be good. I know a site that has them for $30. Any thoughts on Creative or have a better recommendation?

*EDIT: Biggest concern right now I guess is making sure vocals sound crisp and clear.

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if you already have a home system/stereo/ipod speakers/speakers with input of red/white, you can buy one of these http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.5143 and plug that into your stereo input/receiver and use the stereo as speakers. So if you have something like $700 surround sound system already, it’s way better than some $40 speakers.

Got some ol’ speakers from like '95. :lol:
Plus, I’d be taking these to my dorm room when the fall semester begins. I wouldn’t really be able to take something that nice to college with me.

Quick question. Should I choose a speaker set that has a better frequency response or that uses more watts?

Each of Creative speaker uses 6W (subwoofer 17W) and has a frequency response of 40Hz - 20kHz. Another pair of speakers has each using 4.5W and with a frequency response of 90Hz - 20kHz (they don’t come with a subwoofer, but are cheaper). Which of the 2 choices would provide better sound quality?

Altec Lansing

These are quite a decent set of speakers. They are very, very powerful and surprisingly inexpensive. A set of equivalent quality goes for about $140.

They also come in black.

They both seem pretty shitty to me. With your budget, many can’t help but recommend crap.
Ebay’s your best bet. Klipsch Promedia 2.1? Pretty cheap on Ebay and recommend on Tekzilla.


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Me personally, I use home audio gear. You can find a great deal at a yard sale or Craigslist.

I would by a tripath amplifier kit from 41hz.com and a pair of Hi-Vi B3N’s or B3S’s from here. That is just me, of course. And I am the type of person to build my amp from a kit and build my own speaker boxes/pods. I dig that kind of stuff. All that would probably just barely fit in your extended budget but I would like to think the audio quality would be quite good for the price.

Hm, much more to consider now. I’ll have to take another day to think about these new choices. Thanks guys, I’ll post again before I order.