What's Juri's AA?



im used to playing as Sakura and using c.hp to sometimes counter aerial attacks…but what’s juri’s aa?


coughs from the “Juris tutorial thread” which is stickied:


Cr.MP or Cr.HP i like to use st.MK and cr.MP


st.MK? How’s that working out for you? Does it trade a lot?


Probably just depends on the distance. I like to use far s.hp if they jump from a good distance and I’ve reacted fast enough.


i use ex shenpusha when there at the high point of there jump or c.hp, i know FA is not AA but i do a quick FA backdash quick divekick when they see you FA there gonna try and get that second hit. if your quick enought u can dive kick and catch them poking :tup:


Check the Juri tutorial from OptionSelect.com. st.lk, st.mk, fs.HP and cl.HP are all other viable anti-airs depending on the situation.


Hey can you combo off of any of her Anti Airs?



You can cancel your AA into a fireball store, you that way you get meter off your AA and get a safe store. You then have the option of hitting them on reset with a normal cancelled into your stored fireball.


her go to AA’s are either cr. mp or cr. hp depending on range of the jump or the characters jump in attack. her situational but good AA’s are st. mk, st. hp, instant j. mp, instant j. hp and even EX pinwheel. and the only AA you would be able to combo off of would be instant j. mp. but with cr. mp you can do dash resets if you want or simply store to whatever.

EDIT: i just realised this topic is old as fuck. epic facepalm


Cool, gonna have to study that info till I understand it as right now it’s confusing the hell outta me. Curious how to you do an Instant Air MP?


You can combo from close HP, but it’s hard to get the spacing and timing right for it.