Whats Killing All The Birds and Fish?

Millions of birds and fish dying around the world lately.

More Birds Dying In Sweden | ChatterShmatter

They’re literally falling out of the sky in Sweden.

grab your tinfoil hats, people

Most likely, humans are indirectly responsible.

crazy shit…this has happened before though. If pigeons in NYC start dying in the bunches though then i’ll start to worry. Those are some tough ole birds.

blackbirds is bitches

posted a link in the Flash Forward thread.
It’s pretty bizarre.

Top U.S. Official Murdered After Arkansas Weapons Test Causes Mass Death


It’s the end times obviously…

…or simply a natural occurrence that happens often. The difference, like always, is that the media is choosing to focus on it.


Why’d you have to say the “R” word? :sad:


did we solve the mystery of why the bees are all dying out? that’s a way bigger deal. no bees = no pollination = WE DEAD

hhahahahaha the comments on that video.

***damnit, editted!

On that note, here’s the REAL reason:


We’re imprisoning Assange, and not HIM?

How many more animals need die by his hand?

As I see it.

Kinda sucks that Jehova’s witnesses no longer visit me, I’m sure they have some awesome explanations for this.

Remember that shitty ass movie “The Core”? Yea that is what’s happening.

Drilling to the center of the earth is totally feasible.

Especially in a manned vehicle.

Christian Science.

Please believe.

As I see it.

Somebody call jack bauer!

no birds, no bees…no sex?!

The Sweden thing with the around 60 dead birds or whatever… The autopsy apparently showed that they died from physical trauma and internal bleedings. Possible explanations might be a flock getting hit by a truck or whatever.
I don’t think anyone ever saw them randomly drop dead from the sky, as far as I’ve heard reported - a guy found them on the street on his way to work and the whole thing was a pretty small area on a street like 15 x 15 meters. The incident might have been somewhat blown out of proportion internationally(internetionally?) because of what happened in the US at about the same time :wink:

So that’s one mystery sort of almost solved.


Honey Bees Are Dying; Scientists Suspect Pesticides, Disease, and Worry About Food Supply - ABC News

Colony collapse disorder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia