What's missing from the Strategy Guide?

The AE guide is an awesome little book. Easily one of the best english strat guides I have seen for a fighting game… as most are just glorified movelists.

But what is it missing?

Did they leave out anything? Has anything changed since it was released? What strats did they miss or ignore? What are the mistakes?

I know that nothing is perfect, and I am completely and utterly satisfied with my purchase… but I have come across various critiques on SRK, and thought maybe we could get them all into the one thread to get a fuller understanding of what the community thinks about the book.

I know that the book is about the AE-collection but they should have done 2 seperate books. One for each game.

What the guide lacked was if you ask me, comments and thought about the matchups. Instead of just picking the best and worst they should have gone through them all.

Otherwise i agree, it was a really good faq.

Does it have frame data and stuff? For HSF2 and 3S? And where did you buy it?

Yeah, this could’ve been done better… Especially since a lot of the matchups are VS Sean and stuff like that… I mean, who picks Sean?

Ultradavid: It only has frame data for 3S, and it’s not complete either. It’s got startup and advantage/disadvantage on normals, and startup for specials. Could’ve been more detailed, but it’s WAY more than what I thought was going to be in it.

It’s available at most game shops around here… EB and the like.

I’m just comparing it to the last fighting game strat guide I bought, which was Alpha 3…this guide makes it seem like a bad, BAD joke…more detailed matchup information, and better information on some execution related stuff(GeneiJin) would’ve been cool.

yeah the matchups were ass, it’s good for the basics but once u feel like getting better u have to get of SRK and ask. plain and simple.

UltraDavid: The guide has frame data and can be purchased here:

GJ corner combo is incorrect. Great book overall though.

Thanks man, I appreciate that. With Karathrow down I don’t have access to any frame data right now.

It is a great guide, the CFJ guide has frame data too. Its real nice. I just wish there was one like that for CvS2

Only complaint I have about that guide is in the combo section they use the name of the move instead of qcf, dp, etc motions. I had to constantly flip back the page to see what move was what in each combo. Otherwise, great guidebook.

You might want to cross reference the guide with karathrow the first time you flip through, there are a number of typos in the frame data, at least in the copy I have.