What's missing from your game?

I was talking with a friend of mine and we were talking what we are lacking in our game. We play 3rd Strike, and this is what I came up with for myself:

  • Need to be more selective in my parrying. I tend to parry a lot and I mean a LOT, which means I get baited a lot too. Nothing like eating a wake up/empty jump grab/super art grab to make you realize that parrying isn’t always the best option.

  • Learn to be patient. I don’t know why, but I lose my cool when someone starts turtling, which leads me to rush in and eat a lot of defensive tactics. I obviously need to work on this.

  • My timing needs tweaking. I think this goes for everyone, but lately my timing has been off. I used to be able to hit confirm supers with ken/chun/dudley, but now I just throw them out whether a hit connects or not.

What does everyone else need to work on?

  • overall clutch aka landing supers when they really count in TOURNAMENT.
  • better decision making in TOURNAMENT.
  • mental strength and focus during TOURNAMENT.
  • all aspects during TOURNAMENT play.

My genei jin is pretty bad. I cry when my crappy ender causes me to lose a match. :sad: Ghetto jin FTL

Oh yeah and in Marvel I throw a lot of waves with Magneto while trying to super jump FP

Execution more then anything.

Same here…

i need to parry more…a lot more x_x

Execution, timing, and overall technique.

I recently got a HRAP so I’m just trying to get adjusted to it…it’s taking a bit more time then I thought.

Adaptability. I get into a rut easily, and when somebody throws something unexpected at me, I take a while to wise up.



mainly execution and mind games

-Keeping a cool head in pressure siuations

uhh… I need to learn how to cancel fierce into super on P2 side… It’s really embarrassing…

  • Execution
  • Recognizing tactics
  • Playing against people who have any idea as to what they’re doing.

You know, a lot of people tell me that they have a hard time with that.

What he said.

That, and other people to play against! :sad: As you can only get so good from playing the CPU and what you learn/pick up from videos you’ve seen.

Block/play defense better

I need to work on tactics more… execution… wake up games… mind games… damn i suck >.<

also i rush too much. >> especialy on MoTW… i was playing against my friend sean and kept attacking even when i was getting kicked in the face every time i tried >> * run jump, kicked in face. run straight. kicked in face… * i need to be more patient and think more