What's more official...Tournies or MM's

When it comes to guaging which player is better than another at a given point in time which carries more weight…winning money matches, or placing higher in tournies??

Tournaments, hands down. It’s just a better showing of skill to see how you can place in a tournament against multiple opponents and playstyles, then one match against a specific opponent. Certain people will even sandbag in money matches to get an edge in the tournament.

QFT. although, there are rare cases when the money match > the tournament. but in general, tournaments will always be a better showcase of skill than a money match.

Really now? I haven’t been around a whole lot of money matches but if the person playing had money on the line I don’t see why they’d risk losing it, especially if it was a decent amount of cash.

money matches make players get greedy and they do stupid shit. tournies are a little more lax so better shit comes out. more fancy shit because you lose $10 versus $100 for a money match is a lot different. if it’s a $1 money match, then it’s whatever… it’s the same shit as casual.

just wondering then, what about arcade matches? Im not sure about you guys, but you have a ton load of variety (average 12 ppl lining up to play), you’re relatively relaxed, but then you won’t want to lose since you wanna rack up wins and do AROUND THE WORLD. I sometimes find them to be a betta display of skill than tournaments… since i’ve seen many players lose just to the stress of tournaments…

i would say casuals, because like homeboy said, people crack way harder under tournament pressure, then they normally would, under regular arcade casual gaming pressure, and well, its cliche, but im sure there are still plenty more people out there just as good as the well known players, but probably just casually play at the arcade or at gatherings with others.

this brings up a very good point, but also makes person like me who do not have normal access to ggxx slash machine cry with envy D:

but i was also thinking… isn’t the players’ ability to deal with tournament stress/pressure part of his asset? i mean, sbo is basically a defining moment to see who the best fighting game players in the world are. and i’m pretty sure there are many that do not perform as well under these situations but that’s just part of the game. it is a once-a-year event, and no matter how dominant the players have been in the qualifying tournaments leading to the event, none of it matters if they can’t prove their skill right there on the spot.

somebody could claim to have won 300 matches in a row one day, but that person is not goint to get any credibility unless he can prove himself in a tournament among other high level players.

In casual people do risky stuff , try to gfet fancy, and choose unusual characters. The game is prettire, but it isnt better

Tournaments…but…IMO…do bothif you win both…winning both the tournies and the MMs…you shut your critics up hard!!! :tup:

"If you don’t place top 3…who the fuck are you?"
from the mouth of a cannon.

rise vader ftw

tourneys > money matches

Tournaments prove skill to place even Top 3.
On the other hand, money matches make you do stupid shit,
cause there’s too much money on the line.