What's More Visually Pleasing To Watch- Vism Combos Or A-Groove Combos?

I was watching some A-cho A3 vids last night and I was wowed by some of the more impressive Vism combos, even without A-groove LV.1 super finishers they manage to be more “cool” than A-Groove IMO.


Speaking of which, do they still host vids? I can’t seem to find them anymore.

And yes, V-ism combos look nicer, especially the ones involving otg’s. The crouch cancel infinites are kind lame though(as in fugly and boring).

I dunno, I never liked A-Groove or V-ism comboes.

Genei Jin comboes all the way.


I remeber when I made this thread awhile back only it was “which custom combo is better A-groove or V-ism?”

Everyone said that kof custom system owned it for some reason don’t know why?:confused:…IMO though I truly liked SFex Custom combo system that shit was tight.:clap:

A-Groove is dope…only real V-Ism stuff I like is Daigo and Valle’s Gouki/Ryu, respectively ( anybody else seen that match? )

bisons paint the fence = genei jin

-both can be comboed into like 35045044009 different ways
-both of their goal is to take their opponent to the corner ASAP and juggle from there
-while yun uses his shoulder tackle to get them to the corner, bison uses his scissor kicks. same concept.

A groove CCs looks nicer than VCs. I rather see sakuras shoshoshosho than her [dp, b+hp, whiffed hurricane kick] xn. whiffing moves in general looks retarded, especially in the corner with whiffed fbs.

A-groove is more eye-candy then V-ism and plus you get that lv 1 super to finish it which looks dope but i like both.

ahhhrgh i need to get cvs2 again now

painting the fence sounds fun :tup:

I prefer v-ism combos. OTG grabs and hadorave are beautiful.

Because of the difficulty in most V-ism combos and damage, I prefer those. The whiffing of the moves is to prevent the opponent from air recovering. Seeing as how you can’t do AR in CvS2, you don’t need the whiffs, nor do you need as much skill to perform. OTG V-ism combos are beautiful, too. If only CvS2 had OTGs…
I’d probably still be playing it…

Raiden, “Huh! Puba!..Ready, Go!.. Huh! Puba!” That would be sweet.

V-isms are good until the infinites start. Then its 80 seconds of bore town.

The best part of A-grooves are the start ups. After that, its repetition.

But, the best A-groove and V-isms I have seen belonged to Rolento. 60 hit combos with him are the shit-nazzles.

for visual appeal i’d go with A-groove. paint the fence all the way.

but i really felt like something was missing without that V-ism shadow and the mixups and tricks it allowed. for usability i’d go with V-ism.

For looks A Groove by far its not even close.

Yeah, that about says it. It’s all about realizing the difficulty level and appreciating it. Hell, I can do shoshosho and I don’t even PLAY sakura, but I still have problems with a simple hadou rave.

Combos have never been “visually pleasing”.

Wait who were the ones that vote Efe from Dual Blades?!!!:wow:

CC mode has OTG throws against Dan and Rolento. Damn fun with Iori and Rock.

Yeah, I play Cvs2 more then anything but A3 v-ism combos look dirty.