What's my best option for a dual mod in this situation?

I have a homemade arcade stick with an official xbox 360 common ground wireless controller PCB. I have a PS3 that I never use because the blu ray drive is broken, but I can download things, like the new Mortal Kombat demo!!! So, I want to find a way to quickly add PS3 compatibility to my stick.

I have to have wireless for the xbox 360 (and pc), but I’ll go wired for PS3 just to play MK, if thats somehow possible, because it seems like it would be easier to do? I have my xbox 360 PCB wired to a terminal strip, so could I find a PS3 PCB that I could just splice into the same terminal strip?

I’ll upload some pics of the inside of my box if anyone needs to see it.

Leo v2 board



So if I’m reading this correctly, for $60 I can get a Leo v2 and a 6 axis PCB, wire it up to my terminal strip, and have wireless PS3 compatibility? That sounds like a great option if I can fit everything in. Thats one detail that I forgot to mention, is I don’t have much space in this box.

Just to weigh out different options, is there something really small that I can use to have a wired PS3 controller? I have an A/B USB adapter sticking out the back of my box, its currently connected to a play and charge cable on the inside. I could plug a USB cable from a small pcb up to that adapter, and then have external USB access to the PS3.

Also, I’m not sure how mixing multiple PCB’s works, do I need some sort of switch between them? I notice a 4PDT switch in the installation instruction pics.

Oh and another thing, if there is another good PCB option, what’s something cheap that I could get shipped quickly? This is just to get my fix between the time the demo comes out on PS3, and then the retail game on Xbox 360, so like a month.

Because you chose a official wireless MS PCB, this is your only viable option. PM Gummowned directily if you want it quick.

You know the demo is coming out for 360 too right? There is no date yet but it was confirmed to be coming. If you really never use your ps3 do you want to spend $60 to play a demo a week or two early?

@rtdzign - Thanks for the info. I had a feeling things would get more complicated since I have a wireless pcb.

@Sir Headless VII - You’re right, after much consideration, I do not want to spend $60 just to play the demo a week or two early. My new plan is to play the demo on PS3 with a six axis pad, until the demo comes out on 360. Then the PS3 will go back in its box, to be maybe repaired one day when I feel like buying a new blu ray laser.