What's my best option to do a streaming setup with this?

Hey there, I have the following problem. I want to do some streaming, but I could only afford a cheap composite capturer, which does quite decently considering the available bandwidth that we have down here. Problem is, I have an Evo Monitor, but I can’t use it because the inputs it has are HDMI, DVI and VGA, and I want to stop having to switch between it (HDMI) when I want to play, and a CRT (RCA) when I want to stream. I’d like to be able to use the Evo Monitor for both, but I can’t afford an expensive option, I’ve seen some RCA to VGA converters but they’re too expensive, and I can’t afford an HDMI capturing device because of the price and because that would also mean investing on a new computer/laptop. So, Dear SRK TT… what could I do? Do you know of any underground, barely known options? Any help will be much appreciated.


None that gives decent results.

If nothing else aim a camera at your monitor as you play.

I don’t need decent results, my standards are way lower :P. I’d rather continue capturing from CRT than having to point a camera though. I was thinking about an HDMI to RCA cable I saw, maybe that + a powered HDMI splitter could do the job?