What's my headset options for ps4 and xbox one while using fightstick?


xbox one don’t support usb headsets why i’ll never know

ps4 you have to go usb or wireless

what are my options?

what if i buy a 3.5 jack headset for xbox one since i can keep the controller on while i use my fighstick

then buy a 3.5 mm to usb converter for ps4?

school me


Found a solution this might help someone owning both consoles wanting one headset for both

any headset with two 3.5 jack dongles like the logitech 6230 ( look on amazon) i noticed it had 2 adapters with it in frequently bought

depending on which console you need use for you just use the adapter for it

on xbox one you can have a xbox controller on and use the 3.5 mm jack and use your fighstick

on ps4 your options are usb headset or wireless with a 3.5 jack to usb adapter you get ps4 use

i could link the stuff that would even best buys plantroinics rig 505 lava gaming headset would work just would need the 3.5 to use adapter since the plantronic is just a one 3.5 end with a one end splitter into a y spliter that into the usb adapter would work on ps4 too

im not the best explainer or grammar or english speaking person could post links for anyone who needs 1 headset to work on both xbox one and ps4 that isn’t over 100 bucks you could get a better headset sure but it has to be specific


PS4 has a 3rd option which is optical. For our tournaments, we’ve been using converters like these for players who prefer to use headsets.

Additionally, you can just plug in a 3.5 to a Dualshock 4.