What's my playstyle?


I’ve been playing SFV since even the betas came out, and I’ve yet to find my playstyle, or a character that fits it.

I played Karin for a while, but she somehow doesn’t fit. And I have some proficiency in most of the rest of the cast. But I don’t want to go to another character only to find that the character doesn’t fit either.

If it helps any, I played Cody and Rose in the SF4 era. They had great anti-airs, could hold their own in projectile battles for the most part, and had decent damage combos. All I did with them was try to push my opponent into the corner, and just try to keep them there as if the corner was a zone, and just try to poke them out.

Any ideas on which character in SFV can do those things, and if not, how do I go about finding that character?


You seem to appreciate the mid-range game and footsies in general, so that basically means a character that can make good use of strong fundamentals. Also, you like characters that can do a bit of everything, or at least can pressure and throw projectiles too. Everyone has a way of dealing with that sort of thing though in SFV.

It looks like you’d prefer someone like Ed, given that you liked Cody and Rose.


Can hold their own in projectile battles, has good anti air, and decent damage combos.

Well that would be the sf5 shotos, all of them actually. But they don’t have roses pokes by any means.

If you are willing to give up great anti airs, a decent try would be urien. His AA while very hard to use, tend to do very good damage. And he has good normal pokes and good ground based specials in his fireball and ex tackle.

Outside of that I think rog is a good candidate. Great AA, L dash punch is a good poke, great highly damaging combos, ain’t bothered by fireballs much at all because of his projectile invulnerable v skill.

Chun would seem like an outside good choice, but she’s not. Her projectile can’t hold its own in fireball wars, her AA does no damage and her combos are weaksauce.


I would say Nash or Guile.

Guile can really hold back an opponent. And if you corner them and move in his keep away play will really lock them down in the corner. And his pokes are decent.

As far as your play style go’s, It’s just a general play style. So any of the characters will fit it. Some just may seem like they aren’t reaching their full potential.