Whats my system worth?

I’m new to the site so I cannot post this in the trading forum.

I’d like to get some advice on asking a fair price for my Sega Genesis/Sega CD/32X plus games? I have only the power cord and the AV plugs for the Genesis. Also the AV plugs for the 32X I have. The machine is tested and works fine. They come with their original boxes as well. 1 controller.

The games I have in the original box are: Street Fighter II Special Champions Edition, Aladdin, Sonic 1 and 2, Kid Chameleon, Ecco the Dolphin. Other games I have with no case are: Earthworm Jim, The Lion, King, Sonic Pinball, Simpsons-Bart’s Nightmare, Mortal Kombat, WorldCup USA94, F-15 Strike Eagle II, Aladdin, Streetfighter II Sp.Ch.Ed., and a Game Gene. Games for 32X are Virtua Racing, Virtua Fighter, and Star Wars.

Thanks for your input and help.

You have all the original boxed-in game hardware, accessory cords, and controller plus all those games.

Considering you have all the original boxes PLUS the games you could probably ask up to $80 for that bundle. Many people won’t pay more than $40-$60, though. It’s also not unusual to find people buying a bundle like that for under $30.

The Genesis is not a hard system to find and many of them still have their boxes.

Just the other day I saw a program where two pickers found a pristine, ‘woodcase’, US-manufactured Atari 2600. It’s rare to find them in that good a condition with an excellent condition box. Collectors WILL pay up to $250 for an American-manufactured 2600 with its original box. There are not that many in that good a shape circulating. It’s been 34 years since the original Atari 2600 was released, around 25 since the last time they were made in the US, and 18 years since production of them ANYWHERE in the world stopped. This DOES NOT include the clones that have games built-in. That gives a you a perspective on why that 2600 was so valuable for such old tech. Most tech becomes obsolete and useless junk to most people unless (potentially) useful components like RAM can be recycled for people who still have computers that use parts like that. With game systems, you’re talking about nostalgia with people who played with them in their youth or are works of art in their own right depending on the styling of the system and the games and peripherals that supported it.

With the Genesis, you have a situation where the system is still all-too-common in the used market. Tons of used gamestores, pawnshops, and eBayers have Genesis systems for sale.

In another 20 years, the system may be a lot rarer than it is now and far less may come with their boxes in excellent shape. That will probably be the time when ‘Genesis nostalgia’ hits irregardles of emulation online or on newer consoles. 2600 game are emulated everywhere but that hardware sold for what it did because it was rare at the right time in history!

We’re still not in a situation where intact, like-new Genesis bundles really sell for much I’m afraid.

I can go online and buy another Sega Saturn (my favorite all-time system) for $40 tops unless I go for a Japanese model color variant in the original box. That just goes to show how much most old tech depreciates. I’m afraid only useful and increasingly rare things like memory and drive units go up in value – generally speaking.

Go ahead and sell your bundle and maybe you’ll stumble onto a collector that cares for the fact you have all the original boxes and that collection of games.

Just don’t expect to a make a big killing selling the system.

The most I think you can expect is $50-$60 and that’s optimistic. Realistically, probably $40 top bid.