What's necessary to be decent?


Hey, I wanna know what one has to know and be able to execute to be at least slightly successful.
I just started out playing, and am 1-30 (or something like that) thus far.
So I wanna train specific fields, but I dont know what is needed, which is why Im asking here.

Im guessing there’s combos, punishes, option selects. But what else is there that is important and doable for a beginner. My character is Ryu by the way, if that helps.


Understanding your character (tools and when to use them, combos, safe jumps, etc.) is definitely important, but it’s not the most basic thing you can work on. I suggest trying to develop your footsies (a combination of fundamentals used to make an opponent want to do something) - it is probably the most difficult concept in Street Fighter, but also one of the most basic ones. Good footsies will help you not just with Ryu, nor even just with SF; once you understand the concept well and can execute on it you will have a much easier time winning in fighting games in general. All the combos in the world make no difference if you can’t set them up, plus you can definitely win Street Fighter matches just by getting in the opponent’s head and baiting them to do stupid things repeatedly, even if you can’t land a long punish combo to save your life.

edit: You will find yourself developing footsies a lot faster if you have at least one decent player you can practice offline with. Better if it’s 2+ though, so you don’t just learn how one player reacts - everyone has little quirks, and you want to be able to separate those from general “normal” or “correct” reactions (and exploit them to your advantage).

On learning (applies to all fighting games): http://mizuumi.net/2012/01/10/levels-of-internalization/
Footsies Bible (written for ST, applicable to SF4): http://sonichurricane.com/?page_id=1702


Footsies, anti airs, punish combos. If you can master the second two, and learn the basics of the first, you are better than at least half of SF players.


Zoning and Footsies take priority over everything else pretty much… There are tutorials on youtube


Many say that, and I can see why, but I just think that even If I can dodge/block/tech everything, I still cant punish, which is why I was asking ^^


Even if you’re only getting really basic 2-in-1 punishes like :d:+:mk: xx :d::df::f:+:p: or :f:+:hp: xx :f::d::df: + :p:, you will still win with Ryu if you can block reliably on the ground, antiair jump-ins, and play footsies well.


Do what everyone here suggest,also look at your matches and see what your doing wrong,look through your character’s fourm on srk to help with match ups,Ryu is a solid character I feel he is easy to use but hard to master because of how many people use him so you have to be on point,make good use of ryu’s low foward (crouch mid kick) its really good :slight_smile:


When you first start a fighting game you will want to know a few key things:

  1. What is your best poke? What move can you hit someone with at good range that leaves you safe if they block it, or is fast enough to interrupt what they are doing. Even if what you do doesn’t lead to big damage the fact that you can plink away at their health whenever you’re in range is something to put in their head.

  2. What is your Max Damage Punish? When someone whiffs something big in front of you, what is the SIMPLE and DAMAGING combo you have memorized? Don’t have it memorized with 100% execution? Then you need to practice, it’s amazing what having a max damage combo can do for you - a match can be over in three mistakes by your enemy, no real hard work done by you at all.

  3. Don’t worry about option selects. They are really neat and cool and helpful but trying to work them into your gameplay doesn’t help anything if you don’t understand the underlying mechanics of WHY the option selects work. You will be able to go very far and do very well without ever using an option select. Once you feel confident enough to not post in the Saikyo Dojo is when I’d say you should be ready to attempt option selects.

  4. Stop jumping, you’re Ryu. I only know you’re jumping because everyone does. Chuck some plasma, then when they jump at you hit them with a cr.:hp:. Rinse - repeat.


Yeah, I’ve been using mostly c.MKs and c.HKs for tripping, works quite well if they fuck up, because of the range.

  1. My best poke is c. HK, at least that’s what I’ve been using the most if they enemy is out of range but does something punishable.
  2. Max damage punish is Metsu Hadouken, if I have the meter and the enemy makes a big mistake. If I have no meter I just kinda do a normal attack, depending on what will work.
  3. Yeah, I only know one, and to be honest, I couldnt make it work a single time, so I just stopped using it.
  4. I do jump a bit too much, but what you mentioned after that is what I do most the time now.
    Oh, and Ive noticed that Im usually too far away from punishing the jump after I do my Hadouken, so that’s something to work on


cr.:hk: is not a good poke, that’s a sweep - a hard knockdown. Good to have to punish someone, because it lets you jump at them (and land in front or behind) as they wakeup. For a poke you’ll want something like Ryu’s cr.:mk: or his standing :lk:. Both of these moves come out quick and smack the person a bit, and the cr.:mk: can be canceled into a fireball - which you will want to do 99% of the time they block, or hit really - it’s safe free pressue.
The sweep can be punished if blocked, and that puts you in a bad situation.

A max punish combo is something you should be able to do without meter, so for Ryu it could be something as simple as c.:hp:, h.SRK.


Wait, are c. and cr. different things? I meant crouched HK.
Thanks for telling me the pokes and the combo, I’ll go use them from now on :slight_smile:

I like your Street Fighter is Hard series by the way :smiley:


I meant to say cr.:hk:, cr.:hk: is not a good poke because of how unsafe it is when blocked. Someone can block your sweep and easily sweep you back, and then you’re in a hard knockdown scenario - the opponent has the advantage and gets to decide what happens next.


About the cr.MK cancel, do I just follow it up with a fireball or do I have to FADC it?


You just follow it up with a fireball, a simple “cancel”. Right as you actually hit your opponent put in the :d::df::f::lp: quickly.


also important:

do not ragequit
do not send hatemail
do not ridicule those who play worse than you
do not take hatemail or being kicked by others seriously
be ready to accept criticism from others

focus on your game and training


To get good… really is a matter of time. I say that because as we all learn, we examine our game and iron out old bad habits, but at the same time form new ones as well.

IF you really are sold on Ryu being your character, then learn his moves and figure out what situations are best for each one. Understand the spacing for his normals and some really basic combos. Once you get a feel for that and the game in general, start to look more into frame data so you understand which moves are safe on block and which ones have a quick startup.

After that, it’s onto more advanced strategies involving option selects, punishes, and some tricky stuff like baiting opponents. It’s all a matter of doing it bit by bit. Don’t feel the need to know everything in a matter of a week or 2 because if you rush yourself, you’ll forget things along the way and also won’t really get a FEEL for how the game is played.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to request sparring matches with others and have them critique your game. Im an Adon player so I can’t give you specific strategies with him, but will offer general tips. I’m sure there are plenty of Ryu players who wouldn’t mind teaching another player like yourself.